Yesterday’s job

Yesterday I had a job for my small biz down in Mobile. Mobile is about 300 miles south of Birmingham. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but I had to drive back home after the job finished at 10:30 last night. So I got in right at 3 in the morning today.

The bags under my eyes have their own luggage today. I’m still pretty groggy. And I hurt. 10 hours in the car on top of working is tough. Hopefully I won’t be so dame bramaged tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s job

  1. ageekgirl,I do sincerely hope that you have gotten some well-deserved rest. Thank you for trying to keep the American economy going, especially involving women in the workplace. When you want to enjoy some innocent, harmless magical dogs sharing their lives, go to my blog. Be safe, R.G.P.-P.

      • I am having quite a time taking care of the little whelps. Zorra is about the size of a keyboard mouse and I was worried she was too fragile for the 50 degree lows setting in at night. Thankfully, there was an ample woodpile by the front entry and splits were stacked, woodstoves warming. Kitties! You are such a busy young lady and I am a big supporter of your endeavors at making your way in the work world. I was the woman who filled in for everybody and worked more hours than I slept. I had my only child at 45 and now I’m a stay-at-home mom in a house I built myself and own title to, as well as the transferrable wind, solar and water catchment rights, here in a hidden box canyon valley.I believe I wouldn’t be in the paradise I am now if I hadn’t gotten in their with the wolves and kept on trucking back then. Go girl!R.G. P.-P.

  2. Geekygirl..I’m continuing to develop chimommas so please bear with me. Mobile, Alabama….never lived there but did live in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, louisiana.Until then, you can find ways to e-mail me or leave Notes/Comments in the About Chiblogging feature of chimommas under the slideshow/gallery in the red text.R.G.P.-P.

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