Getting closer to having the hang of my phone

So its been a full day with the phone. I’m still playing with the features, and seeing how to do stuff I’m used to doing with my previous one.

I’m finding out the best settings to keep the battery charge from dropping like a stone. I do want to get a car mount so I can use the google maps navigation feature. That’s one reason to have the phone, so I can get ride of my gps. Having a way to use it without it being dangerous would be a plus! 🙂

Other than that, its getting easier to be used to it. I knew it would take time to do it.

3 thoughts on “Getting closer to having the hang of my phone

  1. I admire your determined pluck.I have been challenged by the three cellular phones I keep up with to ensure that we mesabillies have back-up to the landline.During the winter snows, the reception shuttles back and forth between landline to cellularphone to internet and we scuttle from one venue to another. You’re right though, the secret is cvharging the batteries. luckily, we’re off-the-grid so the 310 days annually of sunshine here in this high desert mountain valley at least never goes down.Did I tell you that your link is now decorating my site’s sidebar blogroll? Welcome to my our chidomain.R.G.P.-P.

    • Thanks! I don’t know that pluck is the right term, though. I have a piece of technology, and if I want to put it to use it to the best things for me I need to learn how to do it. Just like with dogs or cats, you learn what’s best for all concerned. Each critter has its own personality, and each device has its own technical quirks that you won’t get the hang of until you get into it and play with it. So I’m playing with it to see what its limits are.

      • You,ageekgirl, would be able to figure out better than me what to call it.I agree that discovery learning is lots of what sharpening technological skills is all about. That and making sure the memory is in gear. Repetiton is key.You have to be sharp, ageekgirl because you are making it.R.G.P.-P.

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