Heee! Tweetup fun

I got a package the other day… new package

It was from Think Geek! When I got into the box this is what I found. Timmy Its Timmy! Or at least a Timmy clone. He’s going with me to the Nasa Tweetup for Discovery’s launch.

As I was getting into the box, Snoopy and Artie wanted to see what was going on and helped to get Timmy out and situated. Timmy, Snoopy and Artie

Snoopy has already been flying with me, he’s flown in a Wright B Flyer in Dayton Ohio, so he really wants to see the shuttle take off. Timmy and Snoopy will be at the Tweetup. I’m hoping that Camilla_SDO will be able to attend this tweetup too!

Snoopy, TImmy, and Artie