Timmy visiting town

Well, while he’s been here, Timmy decided he wanted to see a bit more of Birmingham than just our house.

Since it was so nice this weekend, we took a bit of a ride with him! He stayed with me on my scooter.
Timmy getting ready to go

We had to fuel up the Ural first. Then we visited Matt at Magic City Motor Scooters. Timmy at MCMS Timmy got his picture made on the scooter frame that Matt puchased from the American Pickers guys when they came through last year. Timmy on Pickers scooter He tried on a few scooters for size while he was there. Timmy on scooter Timmy on scoot 2 Then he hung out with with us there for a while! Timmy hanging out at MCMS

2 thoughts on “Timmy visiting town

  1. Timmy is so cool! Matt was sweet to help him out. His helmet will start a craze, I’m sure in Birmingham ( sorry I mixed it up with Mobile).All caught up in the American Pickers (as well as Matt’s site)pages.Great job on the links, the cute little galactic hitchhiker, all of it…We got to have some shenanigans once in a while…eh?

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