Google groups throwing a monkeywrench

I manage a google group for a small committee. We use the files section to store different documents that are used by the committee members, since physically getting together to transfer paper can be difficult at times. Unfortunately google has decided that they are changing the groups, and disallowing new files to be uploaded to the groups. I’m trying to figure out if I can use google documents to store the files for the group. Everyone who has access to the group needs should be able to access the files. From reading the documentation, it looks like I should be able to do it, but I may end up having to walk some folks through retrieving the files a time or five in the future. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to transfer the files directly to google documents, I’m going to have to download each one (or the entire group) and then upload them separately to documents. 😦 Boo. That’s not particularly use friendly.
Thanks so much for the help.


3 thoughts on “Google groups throwing a monkeywrench

  1.’s spooky (appropriate Halloweenish adjective0 how you have a google group topic in your post today. I bet you and I have some of the same Favorites about Google’s january changes on our Favorites bars right now. In continuing with news about google groups, I, and two other bloggerhoggers are in a google group named thegalactichitchhikers and we are holding a meeting right now to name Timmy as our official mascot. Please convey this news to Timmy and to Matt and tell Timmy we hope he visits you again soon. Meanwhile, I alsowanted to compliment you on the cool look of your..tweets? your sidebar. Good job!

    • Well, considering that they sent me (and I’m sure many other people) an email reminding me of the changes, its not so spooky a subject. I will definitely pass along your regards to Timmy and Matt! I have no doubt that Timmy will be pleased to be your official mascot!

  2. ageekgirl…getting spookier by the minute…my dearest cousin is based in Houston NASA and is a lifer…near, very near, to severance package/retirement/whatever. Ever run into a fellow rocket scientist named Art in his late fifties, maybe just over 60? That be my cuz!I am going to post a NASA picture just for you on my Facebook Wall for announcing Timmy’s appointment and make sure that you get all the artictic ownership/credit you so richly deserve.By the way, I am, if you haven’t guessed, an avid George Nouri/Coast To Coast radio show fan and love listening to Richard Hogerby (sp?) give his NASA report. Congragulations on your Shuttle program continuation for another “last” flight. Let’s just think of the Shuttle as being like Cher…look how many years that diva got out of giving her last performance over and over. You should produce an art piece with a Shuttle/Cher theme.By the way, the picture I am posting on my Facebook wall was supposed to be the last flight of the shuttle and was taken by a NASA rocket scientist. Please don’t take offense at my calling you and all of the NASA folks that, I say it affectionately and with the highest regard for space exploration. (You can tell I’ve been working around Google too long,eh?)I’m trying to get my Facebook Page link on my Chimommas sidebar blogroll after I send this to you so bear with me.

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