Oh man, Timmy is learning more than I realized

Unfortunately I found out that Timmy has been spending more time here with DH than I realized.

Do you know what a redneck’s last words are? “Hey Bubba, watch this!”

Before half time, Timmy found out that DH has some rockets left over from the holidays. Evidently they got into the beer a bit earlier than I thought. So I guess Timmy thought he might try out an idea that had been in his head.


Fortunately DH saw him and stopped him before he got any further. I really don’t want to have to explain to Think Geek how Timmy managed to get himself blown up while he was visiting me!


4 thoughts on “Oh man, Timmy is learning more than I realized

    • Yeah, yeah,yeah. I had considered using “blowed up,” but I really didn’t want to scare folks too much. I’ll let you be the obligatory redneck here.

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