Halloween Season 2010

Tonight I had my last job of the Halloween season. Halloween is about my favorite time of the year. I joined the Birmingham in part because of their haunted house. I worked it for 15 years with them. The property was sold in 2001 and in 2004 we held our last haunted house season there. This past April the new owners finally tore the building down. Its a bittersweet Halloween for DH & I. The house was an 1870s victorian structure. Once upon a time it was a stately lady up on the hill in Lakeview. I had gone from a family home to a rental property to apartments,. But it had already been condemned as a dwelling by the time the Jaycees purchased it to use as the haunted house in 1973.

I have so many memories of being up in the house for so many different years. And its gone now, made way for a parking deck.