Arrived in Florida Today and another delay

We are here at the Evil Lab room down in Florida for the tweetup.

I got the word right before I got onto the airplane this morning that the launch date was probably going to be slipped to Wednesday. But since I was already in the airport and on my way to meet my roomies, it was pointless to fret.

When I touched down at Orlando International Airport, I had several texts from one of my roomies, @otakuchick. Her flight arrived last night and she crashed at an airport hotel, then came over and met me at the airport. We picked up a rental car and drove over to Titusville.

The hotel allowed us to check in early since there were rooms available. Then we got some lunch and then headed to KSC to pick up our tweetup credentials. We met 6 other folks who are staying at one of the rental houses in the area there. After all of us got our credentials, we headed over to the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex.

Wow. I have a number of phone pics from the rocket garden, but haven’t downloaded them yet. We met more tweetup folks there. We got to ride the Shuttle Launch Experience there! Talk about a really fun ride. I could turn around and hit that ride a number of time. Some folks with the Orion Launch Abort System had a demo of the system. We met up with one of the engineers who is working on this system, and it was really cool talking to her!

After hanging out at KSC, we left after they were encouraging all the visitors to please leave now… Timmy met Camilla SDO, then we headed to Dixie Crossroads on Titusville for dinner with a number of other space tweeps.

That was fun too, but after dinner we cme back to the room and met up with my other roomie, @susanjsteward.

Tomorrow is a free day, and we are really hoping that the launch goes off on time. The first official day of the tweetup will be Monday. We’ll be free on Tuesday, and then if all goes well, the launch day activities will be on Wednesday.

Keep your fingers crossed that it goes off on Wednesday!