Weather delays and hotel shifts

When we heard heavy rain this morning as one of our roomates left at 5, we had a clue that it was coming. The 5:30 AM weather briefing pushed back the launch by approx. 24 hours to Friday at 3:09 PM eastern.

Our Nasa tweetup coordinator, Stephanie is awesome. The tweetup tent is still there, but the air conditioners for it had to be returned to the rental place. Of course, tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 69F, so I’m not concerned about needing an air conditioner. I’m ore concerned about needing a blanket! We have a speaker schedule starting at 9:30 AM.I really ought to be thinking about some relevant questions for our speakers, but I’m still just boggling that I’m here! We get to wave to the astronauts as they ride on their way to the shuttle. Wheee!

This is an uncertain proposition. We will find out at 6am how things are an if Nasa will continue to try to launch. There is a 60% chance of good weather for the launch.

But unfortunately we just got word on twitter that they have rolled the Rotating Service Structure back around Discovery. They haven’t said why. This doesn’t necessarily bode well for a launch tomorrow.

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  1. Don’t forget to turn your galoshes upside down every night. Can’t wait for the next bit of reporting on this launch.You’re doing a wonderful service for someone like me.Thanks.

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