Finally getting a chance to watch the Walking Dead

With the tweetup and travel, I haven’t had the opportunity to see the show yet. Since I like zombie books and some movies, I have really wanted to see this show. So far I’m pleased with the look of this show.


5 thoughts on “Finally getting a chance to watch the Walking Dead

    • Sorry geekgirl, I tried to give you the info for theses great zombie pics but the info was innaccurate. Will continue researching the blog as the pics are great.

  1. Thanks so much, chimommas! I’ll be checking out the blog to see. I’ve found the Zombiecon web site for the convention that happened over Halloween weekend, and some pictures from the latest Toronto zombie walk. If you have the chance to play at one, go for it!

  2. My pleasure.I have voodoo sensitivity heavily in my background due to being raised in Louisiana by third generation louisianians (Atchafalaya Basin) and from spending five years of my adult life frequenting Bayou St. John and the French Quarter whenever I recreated until finally I was LWPing in the Fauberg Marigny/French Quarter for another two years right prior to Katrina.I appreciate your leads.

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