Car search now

My 1999 Honda Civic is toast. It had over 170,000 miles on it. It protected me in several wrecks, and has been a very reliable car to own and drive. I will miss my Civic.

Now I need to find another car. I can’t get around just on the scooter, unfortunately. So its time to do the research and see what is out there that is reliable and fuel efficient. I’m looking at another Honda. Mine did a great job, so yeah, I’m going to be looking at them. Another Civic, maybe the Fit. I might get an Accord if it works out right.

I’m also dreaming about the Mini Coopers. They are a fun and sporty little car. I have some misgivings about the little part. And some misgivings about maintenance on them once you get past the 3 year maintenance contract that’s included in the purchase price. I’ve been told that they are basically little BMWs, and that concerns me with long term maintenance costs.


Decisions, decisions, decisions.