Additional ways to help Tornado Relief

Clean up is going to take years. And the cost will run in the billions. So if you are looking to make a difference, here are some more places to help out.

The Alabama Food Bank Association is helping with efforts to feed those who have lost and those who are helping out. You can go to the web site to set up a donation to help in any region.

A local web site for my neighborhood, the 35212, is helping to coordinate volunteer efforts in Birmingham. They are updating regularly with specific needs for items and volunteers.

From Twitter, the Alabama State Bar has a disaster assistance hotline at 1-800-354-6154 to assist folks in storm-affected communities with legal needs.

The Christian Service Mission has a wish list on Amazon of relief supplies that are needed.

One of the local weathermen is continuing to help with storm recovery. James Spann is using his popularity and reach to help spread the word about needs and services available. He is using his facebook page as a clearinghouse for relief information.

Every little bit makes a difference. Thanks for helping out!