RIP challenge is back

RIP III challenge iconCarl is hosting the 3rd annual RIP challenge again this year. I’m going to take part again. 🙂 Since I had a terrible time getting all the books I wanted read in the time frame, I’m going to take part in Peril the Second, ie. reading 2 books in the scary book category. I think I can manage that this year.

I still want to read Land of Laughs by Jonathan Carroll. And I want to read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Both of these books were on my list last year, but life intervened and I didn’t get a chance to get to them at all.

I picked up the first of Elizabeth Bear’s Promethean series, Blood and Iron and really enjoyed reading it. So I’ve gone on and purchased Whiskey and Water, Ink and Steel, and Hell and Earth. So if I can work those into the challenge, I’ll try.

I forgot this earlier, but you can check out all the participants and the stories that they have read at


Finished World War Z

It only took me half a year to get the book and read it. It is an interesting read. There are parts that I was snickering at, and there are parts that are so true to life that I ached for. Check below the cut for more. Continue reading

I’m a big ol geek!

Two things that will convince you that I’m a geek, if you weren’t already sure of it.

You can send your name to the moon! Take part in an experiment and have your name sent to space. I’ve already put my name in for this. Oh yeah. I may never physically experience space flight, but my name will make it out there!

I just recently found out that JMS, the creator and producer of Babylon 5, is publishing copies of ALL of his scripts for Babylon 5. So I purchased all of them for my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! DH will enjoy these too, so I don’t feel too badly about it.

Geek, Geek, Geek, I’m a big ol’ geek!

As with everything else, timing

is everything. Getting sick last week kicked my butt. And threw me so far behind that I don’t know that I’ll get caught back up in a reasonable fashion. DH is now getting sick, and he thinks that he may be coming down with what I had. That’s not good at all.

I finished the Dan Simmons Book, The Terror, and it was a good read. I’m still thinking about it, and thinking about how to write it up. It doesn’t really fit into a neat box. And that’s a very good thing.

I’m going to try to get some rest tonight. Y’all take care.

picked up books at the library

I stopped by the local library branch yesterday and found that they had the books I had requested the earlier. Now they hadn’t called me to let me know. They hadn’t emailed me to let me know either. I need to check out my patron profile to see if they have an email address and the correct phone number there. There needs to be a better way to find out if the requested books are ready. But I picked up Dan Simmons The Terror. I’m going to be reading the books I planned to read for the RIP II Challenge, even if it happens a lot later than I initially intended.

I finished The Rest Falls Away

Its after the challenge, but I finally finished the Colleen Gleason book The Rest Falls Away. I was determined to finish it, since I had started it and wanted to see whether it was or was not congruent with my taste in books. It got better than I had feared when I put it down and stopped. I appreciated that in the end, stupidity had serious consequences.

The biggest things that bothered me were the lack of information given to Victoria about the different things she might be facing, and the much more modern mindset of folks. The anachronism was jarring to my understanding of the time period. But those are my own foibles, so YMMV.

All Saints Day

And the beginning of the new month. I’m going to try something this month. It may not work out, but we’ll see.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some reading in this month. I still have the second Thursday Next book that I haven’t started. It is calling out to me, and I’m going to get into it soon. I did read John Scalzi‘s The Last Colony. It was a fun read.