Dia de los Muertos 2012

Here in Birmingham, you wouldn’t think that you would see any references to Dia de los Mertos, Day of the Dead. It is actually a fairly small but enthusiastically embraced festival here in town. A local gallery has been hosting/holding, as they call it  “A one-day festival of public art installation, performance & remembrance celebrating the ancient Hispanic memorial of lost loved ones.”

DH and I both have plenty of family member to remember today, this feast day of  the remembrance of all souls. As we go through day and into the new month and year, we carry those loved ones with us in our hearts and in our minds always.


Merry Christmas 2010

I want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas! I hope your day is a good one.

Its been nuts in the last month. I’ve had several bumps along the way. If you’ve been watching the twitter sidebar in the last week, you’ve seen that I had a car wreck. I was rear-ended on my way home from work. Thankfully I’m here and not in the hospital. It broke my nose and totaled my car. But since it could have been much worse I’m counting my blessings for Christmas this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi folks! I hope those reading this in the USA have had a very good Thanksgiving! And anyone from places elsewhere has had a good day too!

DH and I have so much to be thankful for. We have had the day to spend with family. We are healthy. Our fuzzy critter kittehs are healthy. He and I both have jobs we find fulfilling.

Little kitten that had been dumped appears to have a new home! I met a lady who has been thinking about getting a cat. She already has several smaller dogs. So she’s worried about how the kitten will get along with her dogs. She has the kitten at her house. I did tell her we would take the kitten back if she couldn’t get her dogs to accept it. So hopefully little one has a forever home.

I am thankful for all of you who read my ramblings here. Thanks for being here with me on this journey!

DH twisted his ankle

Poor DH. The other day he stepped in a hole wrong and his ankle twisted under him. Its been bugging him since then. He rode his motorcycle to work today, so he wore his old combat boots there all day. This evening he took his sock off and showed me his ankle. It was swollen up around the top of the ankle. He didn’t realize it was swollen at all, so I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer so he could get that ankle iced. Now he’s got the ankle elevated and iced. Hopefully it’ll heal quickly.

Timmy and Football

One of the things that Timmy wanted to experience while he was here was watching an Alabama football game. And it just so happened that DH could accommodate his wishes. They watched the Alabama versus Tennessee game. I was out when the game started so I was a bit surprised to see them both watching. Football football game fooball

And of course, you can’t have football without beer, can you? Timmy and DH had one. Beer Or two. beer Or a few. beer

I think Timmy learned a few choice phrases, including “Roll Tide Roll”

Life has been throwing curveballs

Well, my small business has been interesting lately. Its the busy season. I had a job scheduled for both days this weekend. It had gotten set up late, but was going to be both days.

Unfortunately the client who hired me had a problem with their client who I was hired for. Rather, my client’s client had a problem with someone else who my client had hired, and ended up telling my client not to have me there for the event. In spite of my client’s efforts to keep the job, it ended up canceled. Fortunately I was able to keep a good relationship with my client, and I hope to work with the client’s company in the future.

But this afternoon I got a call from a friend who has been sick. She needs some help moving stuff around at home and getting to the store to pick
up some additional things for her. She’s been dealing with a metric ton of problems, both with her health and other parts of her life. So it turns out that I was meant be available to help her out. And I’m good with that. Its important to be able to help her out.

Between going to the Nasa tweetup that will be on Halloween and Nov 1st, and stuff like this, it has been a humbling season. On the one hand, I have really cool things happen. On the other hand, I have problems with jobs and seeing folks go elsewhere for jobs. So its time to pay forward, and
let life take care of itself.