Cowboy Mouth was here!

And I found out in time to make plans to go!

DH had a long week, and his students had a test this week. So he was hurting by the time he got home this afternoon. But Cowboy Mouth was playing in the theater at Workplay, and we had to take the opportunity to go see them.

If you have never seen a Cowboy Mouth show, its a show. Fred LeBlanc, the lead singer, sets the rules up front. You can leave everything outside the doors of the venue. The only thing that matters is that you are there to enjoy the evening. You participate, you clap, you dance and sing and shout and jump up and down. And in the end, it makes for a great show and an awesome time.

My knees and ankles are already complaining and my calves are going to be knotted up tomorrow for my gigs and my voice is shot, but damn it was FUN! I’m really glad that we were able to go.

Cleve Eaton Fundraiser March 28, 2009

There’s a fund raiser for Cleve Eaton in Birmingham at the Open Door Cafe this upcoming Saturday. its from 2:00 PM until 8ish. There are bands playing, and things for the kids to do. its $20.00 at the door, and includes a BBQ chicken dinner. More info can be found at Cleve Eaton’s web site.

Music this weekend

Birmingham has a music festival this weekend, City Stages, and it starts on Friday the 13th. I’m hoping to see L’Angelus play again. DH & I saw them at City Stages 2 years ago. They were lots of fun.

Right now the weather forecast say there’s a small chance of rain for the weekend, and the temperatures should only be in the mid 80s, not the mid 90s. I’ll take that for mid June any day!