The day we fight back against mass surveillance

If you’ve been as disgusted with the overreaching and unconstitutional surveillance that the NSA is doing, then please see this website The day we fight back. There is a banner on that site that gives you an overview of some legislation that will help reign in some of the worst abuses and links to look up your senators and other legislators.


Ideas for app developers

I started thisnpost early last year and saved it. It still applies, so I’m going to publish it now. 

I’ve had my smartphone for over 2 years now. I’ve gotten used to the idea and practice of holding a small computer in my pocket just to make calls and do stuff. I really like having the ability to do the various things it allows: access to travel plans, maps, pictures, and the larger world. There are apps on my phone that are invaluable to me.

But there are apps on my phone that I initially downloaded that were useful that are losing their utility for me. As the phone and battery age, and the battery life degrades, I’m having to pay closer and closer attention to performance issues that I was once able to overlook.

It seems that a growing trend in phone apps is to have them start up when the phone boots up. It isn’t enough to have access to them when you want it, you must have them on ALL THE TIME. And if you do try to turn them off? Well, its just too bad, so sad, you can’t. There is no way to turn the app off. You can back out of it, but it stays on and takes up memory space, as well as adds to the power drain on your battery. I don’t care that you the developer think that your app is the best thing since sliced bread, and should be able to go instantly. I use your app differently that you think I should. Give me the option to turn the damn thing off. If it doesn’t already start up at the phone booting up, DON’T ADD THAT TO ITS NEWLY UPGRADED FEATURES! You don’t add value to it by doing so, you make me re-evaluate its status as a valuable tool, and it becomes more likely to be uninstalled.