Not quite the day either one of us intended

Well, it was an interesting Saturday. DH and I slept in until 8 am and I went out to Pepper Place to go do some veggie shopping like I usually do. Since it was such a nice day I took the the scooter. The day was already warm by 8:30 and I had picked up everything and was headed home. Then DH called me. He had slipped and fallen, and possibly cracked a rib. But he was ok, and didn’t want me to worry. Yikes!

I proceeded on my way home as quickly and prudently as possible.
While I didn’t think he was in imminent danger, I was concerned with how he was doing. After I got in and was able to check on him, I found he was pretty accurate in his description to me, thankfully. But he was hurting a whole lot. Moving and taking deep breaths were causing him pain.

He had an appointment this morning, and he wouldn’t get checked out to see if had hurt himself wore than he initially thought. So I refused to let him go elsewhere without me along.

After the appointment, which ran late, we drove over to the Irondale Cafe to have lunch. We hadn’t been there before, so it was good to try a new place. There is also a book store by the cafe, so we stopped in there too for a bit.

After lunch, we attempted to get another errand run, but the timing of it didn’t quite work out right. by that time DH had been hurting enough that he was willing to go to an urgent care facility to be seen by a doctor. We went, and they took xrays to make sure nothing was too messed up. Unfortunately the xray were inconclusive about his ribs. But nothing is too messed up. Better safe than sorry.

But the day was nothing like either one of us had though it would go.

quick update on the struck pedestrian

For those who are curious, I finally had the opportunity to talk to our neighbor about his friend who had been hit. He said the guy who had been hit is home in Pell City. He has stitches on his face, a fractured hip, and a messed up knee. For somebody who had been struck by a car, he came out a lot better than he could have. No matter the situation, I’m just glad that he wasn’t hurt worse than that.

Car problems now

It looks like 2008 may be the year of cars for us. If 2007 was the year of computers (my work computer, my laptop,and DH’s computer all had major crashes), then we may be in a new phase.

DH was hit by a teen driver Saturday. The wreck messed up the rear passenger wheel, and possibly the axle. Neither the young man nor DH were hurt. And there was much rejoicing for that. But DH’s 1989 Jeep Wrangler is not safe to drive. And with 192,000 miles on it, there is a good possibility that the insurance company will simply total out the limited cash value of the old jeep, rather than pay for it to be fixed. After the police to the accident report, DH limped the jeep to a local service station to wait for the insurance adjuster and get an estimate on the damage.

Then Sunday we ran into another problem. We had originally planned to take my car to have service done on it on Monday. We put that plan on hold, since DH’s motorcycle is currently not running. We stopped by the jeep to pick up some things that DH had in the jeep still. After getting some of the things moved into my car, it wouldn’t start! No way, no how. Not good. So none of our vehicles were working Sunday evening. I had to call my mom to get her to take us to the airport to get a rental car while all of ours were out of commission. We picked up a small rental car to get us to work while we got our cars in order.

Yesterday morning we stopped back by the service station where both cars were sitting. We spoke with the owner about the cars and got the name of a local towing company. I got my car towed to the dealer to get it fixed. DH finally talked to the insurance agent for the claim. My car is now fixed, and the rental back to the company. We are still a one car family, but have started investigating what vehicle DH may want to replace the jeep. Its definitely going to be an interesting year!