Halloween Season 2010

Tonight I had my last job of the Halloween season. Halloween is about my favorite time of the year. I joined the Birmingham in part because of their haunted house. I worked it for 15 years with them. The property was sold in 2001 and in 2004 we held our last haunted house season there. This past April the new owners finally tore the building down. Its a bittersweet Halloween for DH & I. The house was an 1870s victorian structure. Once upon a time it was a stately lady up on the hill in Lakeview. I had gone from a family home to a rental property to apartments,. But it had already been condemned as a dwelling by the time the Jaycees purchased it to use as the haunted house in 1973.

I have so many memories of being up in the house for so many different years. And its gone now, made way for a parking deck.

Life has been throwing curveballs

Well, my small business has been interesting lately. Its the busy season. I had a job scheduled for both days this weekend. It had gotten set up late, but was going to be both days.

Unfortunately the client who hired me had a problem with their client who I was hired for. Rather, my client’s client had a problem with someone else who my client had hired, and ended up telling my client not to have me there for the event. In spite of my client’s efforts to keep the job, it ended up canceled. Fortunately I was able to keep a good relationship with my client, and I hope to work with the client’s company in the future.

But this afternoon I got a call from a friend who has been sick. She needs some help moving stuff around at home and getting to the store to pick
up some additional things for her. She’s been dealing with a metric ton of problems, both with her health and other parts of her life. So it turns out that I was meant be available to help her out. And I’m good with that. Its important to be able to help her out.

Between going to the Nasa tweetup that will be on Halloween and Nov 1st, and stuff like this, it has been a humbling season. On the one hand, I have really cool things happen. On the other hand, I have problems with jobs and seeing folks go elsewhere for jobs. So its time to pay forward, and
let life take care of itself.

Yesterday’s job

Yesterday I had a job for my small biz down in Mobile. Mobile is about 300 miles south of Birmingham. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but I had to drive back home after the job finished at 10:30 last night. So I got in right at 3 in the morning today.

The bags under my eyes have their own luggage today. I’m still pretty groggy. And I hurt. 10 hours in the car on top of working is tough. Hopefully I won’t be so dame bramaged tomorrow.

Fun day at work and Wordcamp Birmingham 2010, pt 1

This morning started out early at a breakfast where I was an invited speaker. It was for women entrepreneurs and women who are interested in possibly becoming one themselves. I was part of a panel of successful business women. The other ladies on the panel all were wonderful and The folks who held the conference made us all feel very welcome there at church. It didn’t end until noon, and by the time I got finished speaking to those ladies who wanted to speak to me and packed up my little display to head to UAB for Wordcamp it was almost 1:00 PM.

I took the scooter today because it was such a lovely day for a ride. Some folks were amazed, some were probably not pleased, but in the end, I got the opportunity to ride a bit.

I missed out on the BBQ last year because I had a paying gig, and was hoping not to miss this year’s BBQ too! Fortunately for me, not so much for everybody else, everything was running a little bit late and there was still food left for me to get! Yay!

Then sessions started back. I would have liked to see Syed Balkhi’s session on speeding up WordPress, but that was one of the morning ones. The slides from his session are on slideshare. The afternoon started with a full group presentation by Andrew Nacin with new stuff coming up in WordPress!

Then Jennifer West spoke about blogging for accountability and her use of her blog, www.thejenwestquest.com, to keep her on track with achieving her weight loss and fitness goals. Jennifer was posting pictures of herself in her bikini, and pictures of the scale to the blog. One of the things that scare me about posting pictures of myself online and posting too much in for about me is stalkers. I’ve had folks get too intense too fast before, and it really freaked me out. So posting pictures of me online here isn’t really something I do. But Jen hasn’t had a problem with folks being abusive to her about her pictures. And I’m really glad that she hasn’t because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I alternated between taking notes in a document and taking notes on twitter. I’m about to be a weasel and say goodnight. I’m about to fall over now, so I’ll catch up with you later!

Buh-bye 2008

I’ve been a horrible poster in 2008. Part of the my problem is twitter. I’m posting more smaller posts that normally might have gotten channeled into a blog post.

Now I’m sitting here at home, watching the 9:30PM news and listening to the gunfire in the ‘hood. Its New Year’s Eve! We have to pull out the guns and shoot them! bleh. dumbasses. Quite the glamorous life, innit? After being sick, I probably won’t make it to midnight. Oh well.

If I had been industrious, I’d have a list of books I’ve read this past year, and a good set of resolutions for next year. The Terminal already asked about resolutions, and I had some good ones. One of my Christmas presents was a MSF class. I do want to ride my scooter more! My biz was good this past year, and I hope that it goes better next year. Its a chancy thing in the new economy, but I’m not backing down and I already have bookings for 2009. I’m going to try to post more here in ’09, but I won’t guarantee it.

Thank you to all of you who do come here and hang out occasionally. I do appreciate you all. I wish us a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Tail end of a busy weekend

I got to the library and picked up American Gods and Land of Laughs. I’ve been reading American Gods as I can. But its been a very busy weekend for me, I’ve had 2 jobs that were fairly long this weekend, so I’m still recovering from those. I’ll be continuing to read American Gods around all my other commitments.

eyeballs, meet alligators

Last weekend, I got word about a gig that I’ve been scrambling to meet. The folks wanting this are catching me at the last minute getting multiple people for it. So a friend of mine is coming in from out of town to help me out. Unfortunately, my house is not in any sort of semblance of humanly habitable. So DH & I have been doing some heavy lifting to get it close to that. Time that I would have tried to post has been taken up with getting ready. Its part of the disadvantages of dealing with things getting way out of hand at the house.

Any way, we are closer to having things not perfect, but acceptable. Here’s hoping that the weather will co-operate for all involved this weekend.

Oh my, a good business trip

After my grandmother’s funeral, I continued on to my originally scheduled business trip. It was training and competition for my side business. At the end of the competitions, the organizers announced the top three competitors in each category. I didn’t make the top three in my category. I really didn’t expect to do so. I’m very in-experienced with those particular competitions, so I was competing for me and my own experience. Besides, I knew that if I didn’t compete, I wouldn’t push myself to do the best that I could do. Its just the way I am, and I know it. So I made sure that even though it scared the mess out of me, I went ahead on and signed up to compete.

The organizers just sent out an email with the results of the competitions and the rankings of all the competitors in each category. I just about fell out of my chair when I opened up the document and found that I finished 4th in my category! OMGWTFPONIES! Yay! To say that I’m beside myself is a fairly accurate statement. Woohoo!