eyeballs, meet alligators

Last weekend, I got word about a gig that I’ve been scrambling to meet. The folks wanting this are catching me at the last minute getting multiple people for it. So a friend of mine is coming in from out of town to help me out. Unfortunately, my house is not in any sort of semblance of humanly habitable. So DH & I have been doing some heavy lifting to get it close to that. Time that I would have tried to post has been taken up with getting ready. Its part of the disadvantages of dealing with things getting way out of hand at the house.

Any way, we are closer to having things not perfect, but acceptable. Here’s hoping that the weather will co-operate for all involved this weekend.

Starting the busy season

I’ve started the summer season for my biz, and it is going to be busy. It started off with a very full weekend. We were at the Magnolia Festival this past Saturday, then out at Barbers on Sunday. I think I need a weekend to recover now. I was hopping all day Saturday. That’s a good thing! What a way to celebrate a birthday weekend. Whee!

I’m alive

But life is insanely busy right now. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated anything in a while. Hopefully after the middle of the month, life will slow down a bit. I’ll update you about the yard, yes its a weird situation still; and get pictures uploaded after the middle of the month. Its bad when you measure your commitments in months.