Car search now

My 1999 Honda Civic is toast. It had over 170,000 miles on it. It protected me in several wrecks, and has been a very reliable car to own and drive. I will miss my Civic.

Now I need to find another car. I can’t get around just on the scooter, unfortunately. So its time to do the research and see what is out there that is reliable and fuel efficient. I’m looking at another Honda. Mine did a great job, so yeah, I’m going to be looking at them. Another Civic, maybe the Fit. I might get an Accord if it works out right.

I’m also dreaming about the Mini Coopers. They are a fun and sporty little car. I have some misgivings about the little part. And some misgivings about maintenance on them once you get past the 3 year maintenance contract that’s included in the purchase price. I’ve been told that they are basically little BMWs, and that concerns me with long term maintenance costs.


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

2nd car update

The adjuster called DH back. She finally got in touch with the young man who hit him. That was a part of the hold up. The young man was out of town after the accident, and she couldn’t make a determination about the accident without taking his statement. They are going to pay for the repairs and not total the jeep, so DH is a happy camper. We are still a one car family, since they only will pay for a rental car while the repairs are being made, but not while one is waiting on parts to arrive from the manufacturer. It is quite inconvenient right now, since DH has several things he has to do this weekend, and I have obligations elsewhere as well. But soon we will be a multi vehicle family again and will be able to meet all our responsibilities without begging others for rides. DH just has to get the ball rolling on repairs!

Car update

Here’s an update on the car situation. DH’s car is still sitting in the parking lot of the service station. An appraiser from the kid’s insurance has looked at the jeep and figures it’ll take $1100.00 to fix the wheel and the body. He didn’t look at the axle to see if it was bent. He’s reported back to the claims adjuster, and now we’re waiting to see what Allstate does. We’re still a one car family right now, so things are interesting.

DH did manage to get his motorcycle up to Tennessee to the dealer to get it looked at. Friday his parents drove the trailer down from Huntsville, then he got the bike on the trailer. They drove back to Huntsville and dropped his mom off at their house. Then he and his dad drove to Waynesboro. They dropped off the bike and trailer ad drove back to Huntsville. I drove up to Huntsville after work and picked him up and we came back to Birmingham. Yes, there was lots of driving done on Friday. But this way the trips got done before the snow, which was the other deciding factor for DH’s parents. The warranty for the Ural is up in mid February, so we’re under a bit of a time crunch to get it looked at and serviced before the warranty runs out.

Hopefully we’ll know in the next day or two what will happen to the jeep. It’s a 1989 jeep wrangler with 192,000 miles on it. Its on the line between repair and replace. If it takes much longer to make the determination, we’ll not be happy campers.

New motorcycle wrinkle

This afternoon, DH had a blowout on the motorcycle on his way after dropping me off at the car dealership. He was on a fairly wide shouldered road that is not highly traveled, thank goodness. The pusher tire blew out at about 50 mph. He got the bike back under control, slowed down, and then pulled off to the side of the road. He called me to let me know, and I came over to where he was on the side of the road.

He had just gotten the motorcycle back from the body shop. They finished up repairing the side car today and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But in the course of all the bike’s trips to the different shops, they tightened up the pinch bolt holding the axle on the rear tire, he thinks with an impact wrench. And he wasn’t able to get it loosened up with his little wrenches in his repair kit. It wasn’t until another biker stopped with a repair kit that had slightly longer wrenches that he could get the leverage to break the pinch bolt on the tire. It was over 100F this afternoon when he was out fighting the tire. I’m just glad that he was ok.

As for me, my car just needed the regular service, tires and brakes checked, oil changed, and belts and hoses checked. Unfortunately, we found tonight that the low beam of my driver’s headlight is out now, after the service. grumble, grumble, grumble. You’d think that they would check the headlights when they had the car in for service, too.