Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi folks! I hope those reading this in the USA have had a very good Thanksgiving! And anyone from places elsewhere has had a good day too!

DH and I have so much to be thankful for. We have had the day to spend with family. We are healthy. Our fuzzy critter kittehs are healthy. He and I both have jobs we find fulfilling.

Little kitten that had been dumped appears to have a new home! I met a lady who has been thinking about getting a cat. She already has several smaller dogs. So she’s worried about how the kitten will get along with her dogs. She has the kitten at her house. I did tell her we would take the kitten back if she couldn’t get her dogs to accept it. So hopefully little one has a forever home.

I am thankful for all of you who read my ramblings here. Thanks for being here with me on this journey!

Um, we may have another kitty

DH and I were out working on a a motorcycle tag today. We were out on a dirt road looking for the tag, and had stopped to get our bearings and a couple of pictures. But while we were stopped, I heard a kitten crying. The sound got louder, and I saw a kitten come out of the wood line at the edge of the road. This kitten came straight up to us. The kitten wanted its back rubbed, and offered its belly to be scritched. We weren’t near a house. This kitten was used to people.

I’ve been around feral kittens before. Feral kittens won’t let you get within 2 arms lengths of them. They run away from you. If a kitten has been dumped, they’ll run up to you. This kitten ran to us. It even let us pick it up! In spite of being out on the bike and scooter, we couldn’t leave it there. DH took his toolbag out of the sidecar trunk, along with several things that weren’t good for kittens, leaving some rags and soft stuff inside it. The hack truck is no where close to air tight, so we figured it would be safest to transport the kitten in the hack trunk.

On our way back to the main road we ran into a fella who was walking up the road toward us. We asked him about the folks who lived around there and if they had any cats. He said that the folks there had dogs, not cats. They might feed some of the local stray cats, but they didn’t have cats of their own.

We got home, and took the kitten to the downstairs bathroom. Its our kitty quarantine place. We got the kitten in and I bathed her. I think the kitten’s a she. She didn’t have too many fleas, but had a good amount of dirt and dust. She may have ear mites, her ears are pretty yucky. DH is taking her to the vet first thing in the morning to get checked out.

Here’s a decent pic of her face as she was calming down this evening. New Kitten

Delenn Kitty is no more

Delenn is gone. Yesterday she perked up a bit in the afternoon. DH had a chance to visit with her and sing her cat songs. She got up from where she was laying and went into the kitchen and he gave her some chunk chicken. She gobbled it up and meowed for more! I was encourage when he called me to tell me about it. He ended up giving her several more pieces of chicken, which she gladly ate and then went back to her spot. After I got home, she was not as perky. She ended up throwing up everything she had eaten for the last 4 hours. She was wandering between the litter box to throw up and then back to her nest. Each trip was shakier than the previous. It reached the point where she would wander out of her nest a few steps, throw up, and then go back. Finally she went downstairs to hide. It was time.

So this morning DH and & took her to the vet for the last time. We both have been crying on and off since Wednesday. This little kitty has been a big part of our lives for a long time. She’s been a sweet and loyal companion. One of the hardest parts was getting out of bed this morning. I wanted to stay in bed and pretend that nothing had changed and Delenn was fine. But that’s not true, and wasn’t ever going to be true. So We both got up and moving. We found her hiding under the couch downstairs and brought her back upstairs. She allowed me to hold her on my lap for a bit, then got a little bit of water and wandered slowly back to her nest upstairs. I had a bit of yogurt, and Delenn had some too.

After the vet’s offices opened, I called to see about bringing her in. We got it set up and then got it together to go. The hardest part was pulling Delenn from her nest and getting her set in the towel for the trip. She didn’t fight it at all. I had promised her that she wouldn’t hurt any more, and I wasn’t going to break that promise. We got to the vet’ s office and Delenn perked up a bit again, nosing around the counter and the office cats, checking out the chocolates on the counter too. I told her that if she wanted one, she was welcome to it. She wasn’t that interested in the chocolates, and checked out a few more things and cats around the way. But the vet’s tech came around and had the room ready soon, and we went back there. They had a towel down, but I put our towel down over it for her. Delenn settled down on the table and you could see very rib and both sets of hips. The vet made sure we all knew where the tissues were, since we were leaking at the eyes and sniffling. They used gas to let her go to sleep, then gave her the injection. She went quickly.

She’s been buried, and is now no longer hurting. We will miss her.