Life is busy

So my new computer is still half set up, Harry Potter is still a quarter read, and I’m no closer to getting either finished until after the weekend. Or after Saturday at any rate. This bibliophile is not completely bereft, though. Thanks to Stefanie, I found out about the Thursday Next series by Jasper FForde and happened to find the first book at Barnes and Noble. I’ve been enjoying her adventures as she goes up against Acheron Hades, amongst others.

Please wish me luck that I survive Saturday. I’ll be working outside at a festival all day long. The temperature is forecast to be 92 F with a 20% chance of rain. Hopefully the humidity won’t be so much that we’ll all be melting outside in the heat. I’ll be drinking lots of water. I’ve already had one run in with the heat, I don’t want to make it a repeat.

The computer is here!

And there was much rejoicing! Oh frabjous day, callou callay!

No this post isn’t from the new computer. I still have to get it configured and get the wireless set up on it, so that is going to take a bit of time, but otherwise it is a good day!


Still no word on the computer yet

Its in production, though, according to the Dell web site. The estimated ship date is still the first of August. I want my computer! Now!

If I hold my breath and stomp my feet, will it get here any sooner? Noooo. 😦 Oh well. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be finished being put together and shipped sooner than their estimated date. It can’t hurt, at any rate.

Computer build started

according to the order status at Dell. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that its be done and shipped before the August 1st estimated ship date. I want my own machine again! Yes, I’m spoiled. I don’t want to share a computer with my husband. He likes to play World of Warcrack or COmbat Mission, or Steel Beasts when I’d like to get in and read my emails or work on stuff for the biz. I also like being able to be upstairs where its a bit warmer rather than in the basement where the temperature is much cooler than upstairs. It suits DH, but my blood is a bit thinner.

The new computer will be here soon. Then I’ll be able to stay warm working on it again!

Nothing big going on,

just waiting for the new ‘puter. I broke down and ordered a new laptop. I need a machine of my own, and I ordered a Dell Vostro. Its through their small business division. I got XP pro with it, as opposed to Vista. I have no wish to get anything with Vista on it until after service pack 1, if not service pack 2. I’ll be burning a cd with a firewall and anti-crap stuff on it before I hook it up to teh intarwebs. You have a very, very short time before the bad guys know you are online and out there and they are trying to hijack your computer, so pre-loaded malware fighters are good things! I think the statistic is 12 minutes after connecting to the web that they are actively attempting to load schtuff on your machine. It may be even shorter. So keep those security programs up to date on your machine!

Please don’t rag on me too much for the Dell purchase. I’m going to see just how this machine is. If it is total junk, I’ll see if I can sell it on ebay and get something else.

Laptop update

Its dead, Jim.

And there are some interesting things that have come to light. With it not being under warranty, and the HP tech not able to do anything other than say send it in for more money, I had someone look at the guts of the machine to see if any of the cards had just wiggled loose. Nope, the RAM was firmly in its place. But wait, that’s a 256 M of RAM. How the hell was XP running on 256? I thought I had at least 512, if not a full gig of ram whenI purchased the laptop? I did know enough about the machine requirements of the software that I wouldn’t have purchased a laptop with that little RAM.

And the hard drive. When he pulled the drive out of he case, it said it was a 60 gig drive. I could have sworn we purchased an 80 gig hard drive, not a 60 gig drive. I knew that I was going to be using the laptop for my business stuff, with the website and pictures. I’ve got some major cognitive dissonance with my perception of my laptop and what was on it when we got into it. I’m going to be doing some digging to find out what I actually purchased. If what I actually purchased was not what was in it when it was returned from the service call, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

stupid machines

If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.

At least that’s the way it feels right now. I obviously have not been sacrificing properly to the computer gods. I got my laptop back from HP and had it for a week. Then it died again. I now have vertical green lines that run up and down in a square in the center of my laptop screen. It doesn’t boot at all. I don’t get either the HP screen or the logon screen. And Hp wants to have it sent off for service again, to the tune of another $400. That’s on top of the 325 that it cost for the previous trip.


At this point, its probably time to look at a new laptop. Yes, the 325 is sunk, but to add another 400 on top of it to a 2.5 year old computer is probably not the wisest idea. I just didn’t want to get a computer with vista on it. I’ll have to blow away that and re install xp over it. At least I only lost a week’s worth of emails. Everything else is backed up.