weekend is done

And I get to go back to work tomorrow. Hooray!

Let me just say, I’m really really glad that I work inside in an air conditioned office! It got up to 99 F on Saturday at the festival. I’m no longer as young as I used to be, and it was brutally hot. We had a cooler with a case of water at our booth. And we ended up placing a call to my mom for additional water. It was a good thing too. So nobody fell out from the heat with us. I also had some of the Propel singles that you add to the water to keep some of the minerals in your system. But I was feeling the heat by about 3:30 in the afternoon. Thank goodness the festival was only open until 4:00. We were torn down and on the road home by 4:30. It was a good thing, too, since there was thunder in the background and raindrops falling as we were pulling out of the festival grounds.

I’m still punked out from the heat. I continued to drink lots of water today. But with another night’s rest, I should be in pretty good shape.

Life is busy

So my new computer is still half set up, Harry Potter is still a quarter read, and I’m no closer to getting either finished until after the weekend. Or after Saturday at any rate. This bibliophile is not completely bereft, though. Thanks to Stefanie, I found out about the Thursday Next series by Jasper FForde and happened to find the first book at Barnes and Noble. I’ve been enjoying her adventures as she goes up against Acheron Hades, amongst others.

Please wish me luck that I survive Saturday. I’ll be working outside at a festival all day long. The temperature is forecast to be 92 F with a 20% chance of rain. Hopefully the humidity won’t be so much that we’ll all be melting outside in the heat. I’ll be drinking lots of water. I’ve already had one run in with the heat, I don’t want to make it a repeat.

Obligatory Harry Potter mania post

Ok. DH and I will be getting the new Harry Potter book this upcoming weekend. Fortunately (unfortunately) I have a job first thing Saturday morning. So that puts the kibosh on trying to stay up tomorrow night and get one of the first copies of the book. 😦 Now if I was working one of the book parties, that would be different. I’d stay up for it Friday night and live on caffeine on Saturday. Yes, caffeine is one of the essential food groups. Caffiene, Chocolate, Salt, and Sugar. Back on track now.

DH and I are curious to see who makes it and who doesn’t. Ms. Rowling is willing to take out characters, so it should be interesting. We have pretty much avoided the big spoilers and “leaked” book pictures. I know there are decoys out amongst the spoilers and that the publishers are going to do the best they can to squash ’em all. The biggest question for us is going to be the disposition of Snape. (And a terribly disagreeable disposition it is) What exactly is going on with him? And will he end up the goat or the unsung hero?

Weirdness at Wal-Mart

Man, when they say that the crazies come out to Wal-Mart, they aren’t kidding! Obviously there’s not much to do in rural areas, but this was ridiculous. I had errands to run south of town, so as I was driving back up the highway past a Wal-Mart parking lot, I couldn’t help but see how full it was. There were banners up for the Grand Opening. And it looked like everyone from the 3 surrounding counties were there with their SUVs parked. But the weirdest part was the crowd in the parking lot. Over in the area near the garden center was a group of about 50 to 75 people, just ambling in a confused mob. They looked a mess, even from the distance of the highway. I was stopped at the traffic light there, and it was just an odd vibe that the group gave off. A few of them started headed toward the highway, but the lights changed and I headed home.

Now some folks who aren’t familiar are starting to walk through the neighborhood. Its another odd thing for this late tonight.

Just weirdness.

Continuing education, of the best kind

Edit- I now appear to be able to post, yay! –

I’ve been out doing continuing education for my side business.  I visited some other face and body artists in Louisiana, and we had classes, and jams. We visited New Orleans on St Patrick’s Day, visited Craig Tracy’s body painting gallery and saw the parade.  I brought back several pounds of beads…

W e got back Sunday evening and I’m still recovering from the hours and the camaraderie of the fete. 🙂 The group was a wonderful bunch of folks, and very very helpful.  I can’t wait to play again!