Not quite the day either one of us intended

Well, it was an interesting Saturday. DH and I slept in until 8 am and I went out to Pepper Place to go do some veggie shopping like I usually do. Since it was such a nice day I took the the scooter. The day was already warm by 8:30 and I had picked up everything and was headed home. Then DH called me. He had slipped and fallen, and possibly cracked a rib. But he was ok, and didn’t want me to worry. Yikes!

I proceeded on my way home as quickly and prudently as possible.
While I didn’t think he was in imminent danger, I was concerned with how he was doing. After I got in and was able to check on him, I found he was pretty accurate in his description to me, thankfully. But he was hurting a whole lot. Moving and taking deep breaths were causing him pain.

He had an appointment this morning, and he wouldn’t get checked out to see if had hurt himself wore than he initially thought. So I refused to let him go elsewhere without me along.

After the appointment, which ran late, we drove over to the Irondale Cafe to have lunch. We hadn’t been there before, so it was good to try a new place. There is also a book store by the cafe, so we stopped in there too for a bit.

After lunch, we attempted to get another errand run, but the timing of it didn’t quite work out right. by that time DH had been hurting enough that he was willing to go to an urgent care facility to be seen by a doctor. We went, and they took xrays to make sure nothing was too messed up. Unfortunately the xray were inconclusive about his ribs. But nothing is too messed up. Better safe than sorry.

But the day was nothing like either one of us had though it would go.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Its Valentine’s day, and DH I are at home. We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Whee, an excuse for the store to sell us cards, flowers and candy. A time to get out to eat and get lost in the crowds. No thanks. Instead we’re getting leftovers and hanging out. That is just fine with us. Hope your Valentines day is whatever you want it to be.

now its december

And I was an abysmal poster in November. I hope your Thanksgiving was a safe one. We got to visit DH’s parents for it. We had a safe trip up to Huntsville. No turkey, ham. 🙂

Unfortunately, I got the word on Sunday that my mom got hurt the night before. She and my dad were out of town visiting my sister and her family. They had gone to a performance of the Nutcracker that my niece performed in, and were bringing home the niece and nephew after the performance when she slipped and broke fractured her ankle. 😦 She made a trip to the ER and now has a boot, crutches, and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.

She and dad are home now. DH and I made a trip out tonight bearing gifts of hot and sour soup and sizzling rice chicken. Hot and sour soup has become our comfort soup for when we don’t feel good. Hopefully Mom will be doing better soon.

Family reunions

We’re back from one…

Actually it wasn’t too bad. In spite of the 13 hour drive up, it was fun seeing some family that we haven’t seen in a long time. We went up to Lake Erie in Ohio. Mom was raised there, and a good part of her family still lives in Ohio. We stayed at a rental cabin in Mitiwanga.
With my parents, my sister and her family, and both my brothers. It was a bit tight at times with all of us there, but it worked out ok.

The reunion was Saturday, at the Vermillion River Reservation, in the pavilions on the Mill Hollow side. My aunt who organized this rented the pavilion and asked everyone to bring potluck for the event. They had horse shoes, a play ground, as well as lots of people to talk to. The reunion was from 10-ish until. DH and I got there around noon and stayed until around 7-ish. It was hot and muggy, and it spit rain several times throughout the day. We brought BBQ! smoked pork butt and sauce. It was a popular item. 🙂

Sunday we went to Cedar Point. Its an amusement park that our family has visited over the years as we visited family in Ohio. When I first went to Six Flags over Georgia, I was not impressed with the size of the park and the rides, after memories of Cedar Point. There are currently 10 roller coasters thrill rides at Six Flags. There are 17 roller coasters at Cedar Point. There are 9 more rides listed as thrill rides at Cedar Point. No wonder I didn’t think that Six Flags was close to Cedar Point. Unfortunately, DH is no longer able to ride as many of the coasters he would like. So we spent most of the day with my sister, Niece2, and Nephew2. Since Niece2 was big enough to ride several of the roller coasters, we did! She’s tall enough to ride the 46 inch height limit rides. Unfortunately, Nephew2 was not that tall, and was not pleased to be missing several of the rides. So he wanted to be riding the kiddie bumper cars. The kids lasted at the park until close to 9:30. They got there close to 1:PM. I was amazed that they didn’t get desperately cranky while we were there. It was hot. The temps were close to 90F. I was getting cranky with the heat. The humidity was up too, since there were rain showers threatening throughout the day. Not the best day temperature wise to be visiting the park, but it was the only day available to us all.

Breakfast out with the extended family and cousins, then shopping was the staple for Monday. With a 13 hour trip back on Tuesday. Now we’re home with the kitties again!

Long day, full of stuff

For a Sunday, it was pretty full. DH and I went to church, then came home. One of my fellow office workers turned 50 today, and so I went in to the office and helped to decorate the premises. I made some balloon flamingos. They turned out ok. We’re all going to wear black tomorrow, and make sure we’re in early enough to be there when the co-worker gets there. It should be fun.

Then after I got home, DH and I took the motorcycle that is finally back from the shop and drove over to Ruffner Mountain to take some pictures. We walked around the enclosures where the rescued birds live, then hit the nature trail. I have some nice pictures. I’m still figuring out some of the settings, so I have to wait to see how the pictures look when they are displayed on a screen that is larger than the one on the back of the camera. But I think I’ll have some really good pictures out of it. We didn’t a have a long time there at the reserve, but it was a good time for us.

My older younger brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated it this evening. We were supposed to meet at 6 at Surin in Crestline. DH and I were a bit detained. As were were walking out of the house, there was a commotion in the street. DH saw a van in the street taking off like a bat out of hell away from us, and there were a couple of guys there, one lying in the street, one hollering for help. DH had gone outside before me, and I was locking up the house, so all I saw was the guys in the street. The one who was mobile asked us to call for help, since his bud had just been hit with the van. DH called 911 and got help on the way. The one who had been hit was lying in the street, and not moving very much at all at first. Then he was asking about his surroundings and tried to get up a couple of times. we did our best to try to keep him from moving too much. It took about 10 or so minutes, but the fire and rescue folks showed up and started to get him checked out and on his way to the hospital. We were all glad that there was qualified emergency personnel there to take care of him. Then the police officer arrived and started to get some information on what happened. DH and I didn’t have much to add, but he got DH’s name and phone numbers. After all of that was taken care of and the guy was taken to the hospital, we left for dinner.

Dinner at Surin was good, and it was fun to eat with my brother and his girlfriend and my parents. But its been a yoyo day.