Life has been throwing curveballs

Well, my small business has been interesting lately. Its the busy season. I had a job scheduled for both days this weekend. It had gotten set up late, but was going to be both days.

Unfortunately the client who hired me had a problem with their client who I was hired for. Rather, my client’s client had a problem with someone else who my client had hired, and ended up telling my client not to have me there for the event. In spite of my client’s efforts to keep the job, it ended up canceled. Fortunately I was able to keep a good relationship with my client, and I hope to work with the client’s company in the future.

But this afternoon I got a call from a friend who has been sick. She needs some help moving stuff around at home and getting to the store to pick
up some additional things for her. She’s been dealing with a metric ton of problems, both with her health and other parts of her life. So it turns out that I was meant be available to help her out. And I’m good with that. Its important to be able to help her out.

Between going to the Nasa tweetup that will be on Halloween and Nov 1st, and stuff like this, it has been a humbling season. On the one hand, I have really cool things happen. On the other hand, I have problems with jobs and seeing folks go elsewhere for jobs. So its time to pay forward, and
let life take care of itself.

Heard from everyone in Louisiana

and they are all ok. The folks in Houma haven’t made it home yet, and it is going to be a while before they area has power. The folks in Baton Rouge got power back a week after the storm came through. And the folks in New Orleans are dealing with being on the old pre-Katrina grid. But everyone came through safely. Yay!

Now its time to keep the folks in Texas and northern Mexico who are going to be dealing with Ike, as well as the folks in the Caribbean who’ve been hit really hard this hurricane season in our thoughts and prayers.

Been mesmerised

watching reports of Hurricane Gustav all day today. Its been like a flashback to 3 years ago. I have friends and family down in Louisiana, south Mississippi, Florida, and Texas. We’re 250 miles north of the coast, so we don’t get the initial brunt of the storms, we get them after they’ve calmed some, or we get the rain bands and recurring waves of thunderstorms and tornados that are spawned with the spinning of the system.

Birmingham has evacuation shelters open, and I think that even though they planned for 4,000 evacuees, last I heard we had around 7,000. Shades of 2005.

One of my friends lives in Houma, LA. After it made landfall, the eye passed over Houma. That’s where Jim Cantore was located. Several days ago she had said that her family was planning on riding out the storm at home. When we got word that the hurricane was up to Cat 4, I got really worried for her and her family. I found out today that they did decide to evacuate before Gustav hit. Another friend lives in Baton Rouge. Her family stayed there. They were set to shelter from the tornados. Other friends live in Erath, they had evacuated to Lafayette. And still more friends live in New Orleans. We got the word last night that they were not evacuating. Their house survived Katrina and the post hurricane flooding that did so much damage to different neighborhoods. So they decided to stay behind. I got an email this evening that they are doing ok. The power is out at their house, but they are next door at the bar with a group of other folks who decided to stick it out and have electricity and internet there. 🙂 So far all the people have been able to check back in and let us know that they are ok. I’m really thankful for this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the flooding in New Orleans that is happening will be much more limited this time around.

Bleh, myspace and layout browser inconsistencies

I just spent a bit of time tracking down the problems my biz myspace page was having. I’m supposed to have a slideshow of pictures on my page. The calendar, friends and comments should show up too. Basic stuff, you know?

I found out a friend of mine has a myspace page for kitty pics. No big thing, just a silly page. I sent her a friend request and she accepted. She sent me a message today, to encourage me to put up some photos in a slideshow on my page. Now wait a minute, I should already have a slideshow up! What about the calendar? Is anything showing up?

I use Firefox 2.0 for my browser and the page shows up fine with all the different sections. But when I pulled the page up in Internet Explorer, only the main profile paragraph showed up. No pictures, calendar, friends, or comments. Its a great big raspberry for me and my biz. Thanks.

So I went to the layout website to see if they had any updates for the layout. I had generated the one I was using, so it ended up being easier to generate a new one to use. The new background is a bit brighter and hopefully it will be a bit nicer on the folks’ eyes. So if you’d like a laugh, you can check out my biz myspace page.

I’m in a wedding?


OK, I guess.

Let me back up. My Mom directs weddings occasionally. She’s got a good bit of experience working with people of all ages and pursuading them to co-operate and do what needs to be done, but in a pleasant manner. So a young lady at our church is getting married tomorrow, and had set it up with the priest that Mom would direct the wedding. But she never called Mom to verify it or talk about what she wanted and needed. So yesterday Mom called her to see if she was actually directing the wedding, or just not wanted.

Yes, the wedding is at 11:00AM. Yes, the bridesmaids know to be there at 8:00AM. Yes, the photographer is going to be there at 8:30 to start photos.Yes, her brother is picking up the flowers for the wedding. Does he know that the flowers need to be there in time for photos? She didn’t think about that. Did she want acolytes for the service? She didn’t think about that. If the wedding party has to be there at 8:00 AM, they’ll need something to snack on so they won’t pass out up at the altar during the service. Didn’t think of that either. Are there going to be lay eucharistic ministers for communion during the service? Forgot that too. She and her husband have gone through counseling with the priest, and have gotten a lot of other things lined up. But if she had talked to Mom earlier, she wouldn’t be quite so frazzled now.

So I get a call yesterday to be an acolyte during the service. No problem. I’m not committed elsewhere on Saturday. I was given the time for the rehearsal, and showed up tonight. As we are in the middle of the rehearsal, we get to the point where prayers are read after the vows, and the priest asks if the bride has someone to read them. She doesn’t and so the priest suggests me. He asks me if I want to, and I say it is up to the bride. She oks it, so now I’m reading those prayers. And we start to get to the eucharist portion of the service, and I ask about lay eucharistic ministers. Now, I’m licensed to be a LEM, and since I’m already up at the altar, guess who’s the LEM? You have 3, and the first 2 don’t count. snicker. So I get to be at church in the morning at 10:00AM. Whee!

And to all a good night

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day has been filled with family and good cheer. We are back from the day with family. My sister and her family are in town and having Christmas with a 4 year old and a 2 year old is quite interesting! We went over to my parents house at 7:15 this morning, surprisingly enough the kids were still asleep. That didn’t last for too long.

My niece got up about 15 minutes later. She was SO excited about what Santa left her underneath the tree. We did have to convince her to wait to get into the wrapped presents until everyone had woken up and gotten up. Fortunately for her, little brother didn’t sleep too much later and she was able to go wake uncle up downstairs. And while we were waiting for everyone to get up, DH and I put a quickie breakfast casserole together for everyone.

Once everyone got up and into the living room around the tree, things got fun. My niece was playing Santa’s helper, sort of. She started out handing out presents to people as her Mom read the labels to her. She delivered 3 presents to others, then the first present with her name came up. She stopped, sat right down there, and ripped into that present with gusto! After she got into the gift and either played a few minutes or put it on if it was clothing. So we managed to start distributing around her when she was occupied and got packages to everyone. Then the package destruction started in earnest! The 2 year old was more interested in the train in front of the tree than any of the packages that were under it. He needed some help realizing that those brightly colored packages in front of him were actually gifts.

I was pleased to recive the Harry Potter Schoolbooks box set: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages. The annotations in the margins of the Fantastic Beasts book are wonderful! And the movies Serenity and Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man’s Chest were fun to get too! For those times when the mad scientist inspiration strikes, I got a pair of Girl Genius Mad Scientist Goggles. Bwahahaha!

After we all opened the presents, the breakfast casserole was finished and we had breakfast. We took our time and played with the kids throughout the day. And the main meal was a group effort, rather than one person’s hurculean task. We had a turkey breast, ham, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, rolls, and other stuff. Dinner was at 4:00 PM, but we snacked and tasted most all day long.

Now I’m home with a cat on my lap. What better way to end the day. Have a wonder evening, y’all.

I love this quote of the day, Dr Suess. It sums it all up more than anything else.