Timmy visiting Town part 2

Well, after visiting with Matt, Timmy wanted to see more of Birmingham! One of the historic sites in town is Sloss Furnaces. With the iron ore available in Red Mountain smelting furnaces helped create town. Sloss is a landmark here, and we drove by to visit. Unfortunately they use the grounds for a haunted house in October, and we don’t really have access to it to visit. So we drove to one side to see part of it. Timmy beside Sloss
Timmy at Sloss 2 Timmy beside Sloss 3 After we were done beside Sloss, we headed elsewhere.

Part of the downtown city landscape is the railroad tracks that divide the north side of town from the south side of town. The railroad was the lifeline for the new city, taking smelted iron out and bringing in people and other supplies. We stopped on one of the overpasses and showed Timmy this part of our home. Timmy and the viaduct

Then we got to one of the higher points in town. Vulcan is one of the largest cast iron statues in the world, and debuted at the 1904 World’s Fair.
Timmy at Vulcan's parking lot
While we were there, Timmy wanted to check out DH’s Ural. Timmy checking out the Ural He thought he might want to drive it some time. Then we headed up to the observation platform so Timmy could see the entire valley. Vulcan Once up at the top, Timmy got the layout of here! Timmy looking east northeast
Timmy looking North northwest Timmy looking up! After spending some time way up in the air, we came back to earth. Back on the ground And headed to the house to get bite to eat and let Timmy recover from his adventures around town.

Fashioning Kimono exhibit visit

Thursday evening I had the opportunity to visit the Birmingham Museum of Art and see the Fashioning Kimono exhibit that is here for a few more days. The best part about the visit was that I was able to see the exhibit with one of the curators of it!

I had seen the exhibit in August not long after it opened, and was blown away by wide variety of designs in the kimono from the 1920s and 1930s. But with the additional information that the curator gave us as we were there Thursday, it made the impact of the designs even stronger.

I cannot recommend strongly enough that you go to see this exhibit. If you are interested at all in Art Deco or Japan, go and see this exhibit! I don’t know where it will be next, but if you are anywhere close to Birmingham, Alabama, get out and see this.

Happy belated birthday, scooter

Well, I didn’t mark it at the time, but I’ve had my scooter for 2 years now! Hooray! I’ve put over 7000 miles on it in the time since I got it. I’m pleased that in spite of the way I scared myself on that second trip home from work that I have keep on riding and will now get on my scooter even if it is raining. Now storming is a different matter entirely! If it is storming, I won’t get out on the scoot unless I absolutely have to.

Last October I rode in the Revvin 4 Research charity ride for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They raised over $12,000 for their inaugural ride. I kept up with bikes on the ride, except when they went on the interstate. I keep my 10 inch wheels off the interstate. But I still managed to surprise the motorcycle riders on the big bikes who thought I’d be holding them back. 🙂

One of the scooter friends I’ve made on Twitter is Arlene Battishill, @lascootergirls, who is the CEO of GoGo Gear, a line of protective riding wear designed specifically for women. Arlene was the one who when she saw that all the protective gear was basically cut down men’s gear, got up and re-envisioned it and re-designed gear specifically for us! I’m so proud to be able to call her a friend, and to have been able to cheer lead for her while she was producing her jackets for us! I have the trench coat in grey and the cafe jacket in red to wear. Both are fantastic jackets!

I didn’t realize that when I was getting a scooter I would be changing my life. But in the course of the two years since I got it, it has. Like when I was learning to fly, I pay more attention to the weather conditions. I also pay attention to my health and the status of the rest I’ve gotten before I get onto the scooter. If I’m not able to pay good attention to my surroundings, I don’t need to be on it. But being able to see the sky more clearly in the mornings or feeling the temperature change as the terrain I ride in changes is amazing. I was out riding Sunday and came upon either an older faun or a young doe in the middle of the road. As I approached, the deer’s head rose and watched me, then it bounded off to the side and through the woods. It was a lovely example of what I see on the scooter and what I miss while in the car.

What to read for RIP Challenge

So I’m taking part in this challenge, yasee? And I really am not sure what I’m going to read. Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post. Life is galloping along at a breakneck pace, and probably will continue to do so until after Halloween. So I figure that I probably could have the last Harry Potter book as one of my books, since I’m about 220 pages in and don’t anticipate being able to finish it until Labor Day, at least.

I’m considering using Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon, simply because of its size. About 2 years ago I’d gotten about halfway through it, then set it down for some reason and never picked it back up. More for the size of the book then any other reason. At 928 pages, its fairly daunting.

But then the recommendations for Neil Gaiman have been nearly unanimous. I’ve liked what I’ve read by him, so I am going to look for one of his books. Its probably going to depend on what I can check out of the library, but American Gods or Fragile Things look like good possibilities.

Jonathan Carroll’s
Land of Laughs is available at the library here. Yay! I think that is definitely going to be one of my books for this challenge.

And one that has been recommended elsewhere, but not mentioned in Carl’s blog is Max Brooks World War Z. After participating briefly in the BLITEOTW challenge, I feel like its required to have a zombie entry. 😉

Another good possibility is Dan Simmon’s The Terror. It looks to be just right for this challenge.

All of these books are ones that I’ve not read or finished. I probably will look at re-reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula, possibly Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot or the Shining, Children of Night by Dan Simmons. They’ll be fun for the season too.

Finished the Eyre Affaire

It was lots of fun! I’m definitely going to be searching out the rest of the series. Thursday Next is a heroine that I will enjoy!

I must give up some geek cred. I still haven’t finished Harry Potter yet. I had hoped to get further in the book this weekend, but the wedding that I ended up singing in turned into the reception that wouldn’t end and I couldn’t get away from. For something that I had to be there are noon, I couldn’t get away until 7PM. Grrr. Then the event that I had scheduled for my biz on Sunday ran longer than intended, so Sunday afternoon was gone too. Ooof. Oh well. We’ll see if I can read it this evening and put it down when I need to go to sleep.

Kickball and charity

Last night was a charity kickball game here in Birmingham. The local kickball “league” challenged the staff of the restaurant where the after parties are held to a match. The game started at 7:00 PM and was refereed by Chuck Geiss. Rojo, the restaurant, was raising money for Sharrif Simmons. The Kickball Allstars were raising money for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

Now kickball is usually an excuse to play in the park and have social time with folks. The charity matches are evidently no different. Given the heat, everyone was very glad the games wasn’t starting until 7PM. There were water balloons o’ plenty being heaved at at all and sundry on the field. The cups were present on the field and coolers are required gear. If you haven’t noticed, the game is only part of the attraction of kickball here in Birmingham. 🙂 The players pay $10.00 to play the game, and the spectators are asked for donations as well at the charity games. The money from the players and the spectator donations are kept separate and the winning team’s charity receives the larger of the collections, and the losing team’s charity receives the smaller of the collections.

In the end, the valiant efforts of the Kickball Allstars was not enough to fend off the efforts of Rojo. So Sharrif Simmons will receive the larger of the monies raised. I have no idea how much was actually raised, but I know Sharrif Simmons is thankful for for any help he receives. He was robbed and shot in May of this year, and has had several surgeries. He will need more before he is well and, like many other artists, he is without health insurance. He has a long way to go yet. Check out the myspace page that is helping Sharrif out and give what you can.

My thanks to the Terminal and their timely reminder about kickball. Otherwise I would have stayed home last night and been a veg.