Halloween Season 2010

Tonight I had my last job of the Halloween season. Halloween is about my favorite time of the year. I joined the Birmingham in part because of their haunted house. I worked it for 15 years with them. The property was sold in 2001 and in 2004 we held our last haunted house season there. This past April the new owners finally tore the building down. Its a bittersweet Halloween for DH & I. The house was an 1870s victorian structure. Once upon a time it was a stately lady up on the hill in Lakeview. I had gone from a family home to a rental property to apartments,. But it had already been condemned as a dwelling by the time the Jaycees purchased it to use as the haunted house in 1973.

I have so many memories of being up in the house for so many different years. And its gone now, made way for a parking deck.

Still bubbling over Nasa Launch and Tweetup

Planning continues apace for the tweetup and 111 of the initial 150 invitees have confirmed. The remaining invites to the wait list should be going out tomorrow.

I’m still bubbling over with excitement for this! There’s been pictures and maps posted. Folks are working out rooms and ride shares. Folks are getting to know each other online. Costume ideas are floating, since the first day of the of the tweetup is Halloween. Trying to figure out a costume that will fit in my one bag is interesting, to say the least!

I will have some roomies (hi roomies!) at the hotel. And I need to find out where the grocery stores are so I can stop to get some food supplies will be important. I’m planning on getting some drinks, lunch stuff and snacks so I will have more options than only the concessions.

Then there’s an airshow Oct 30 and 31 at Cocoa Beach. I’m going to have to make some time to gawk on Saturday. My Sunday is already spoken for! 🙂

I’m looking for suggestions for possible gifty things representing Birmingham to take with me for tweetup attendees. Hmmn. What would you think of?

The happy, excited, bubbly feeling is not going away. The only problem is that it is making it very hard to concentrate on day to day activities!

I’m alive and half awake.

I’ve been really busy with my business these days. Sorry that I haven’t checked in in so long.

Then we had a minor flood at work at the day job 2 weeks ago. One of the automatic toilets wouldn’t stop filling after it flushed one Friday afternoon/evening. So we came in to the entire first floor of the building with a nice layer of water in the hallway and the offices. At least it was clean water and not sewage. We had boxes and paper that had to be trashed before we got sick from it growing mold. All the carpet in our offices has been ripped out. The glue holding the carpet down is still on the on the tile floor, but having the carpet out made a world of difference in the smell and mold. After all of that, we didn’t lose any electrical equipment to the water! I was amazed.

Happy Halloween

I hope you have had a Happy Halloween this year. Its been a very busy season for me, and I’m glad that its been this way. its wreaked havoc with my reading, but there will be other reading opportunities in the future that I’ll have.

Here’s a pumpkin that I carved this year for Halloween. Halloween cat pumpkin

May your treats be sweet and your tricks that you play be witty and fun!