Happening weekend is done.

Happening logoAnd I am dragging. Some of the kids worked their butts off. Some sat on their butts. But the Happeners got good stuff out of the weekend. Overall it was pretty good. There are things I would do differently, if I had them to do over. Such is life. But I’m making a list of the things that I need to change for me. And that will help me in the future. Not to mention having another additional 8 or so hours of sleep.

Happening is here!

Happening logoIts here! And the work really begins now. After lots of preparation, the weekend is here. We’ll be in Guntersville for the weekend, so I’ll be waaaaaaay out of pocket. The teenagers are great and will be pumped up for it. The parish has been absolutely fantastic about having us there and we are blessed to be able to be there. Pray for us all this weekend!

Upcoming Happening staff meeting

Happening LogoThis Saturday is the overnight staff meeting. We’ll meet at the church where Happening is taking place and get the layout of the facility straight. The kids on staff will finish the preparations there at the church and have some training on small group facilitating, and their job roles for staff. The folks giving talks will work with the priests on their talks to make sure that they have the tools they need to make their talk their own.

It is now time to get a plan for that meeting, to make sure everything we need to do gets done! The youth who is the leader of the weekend and I are meeting tomorrow night to make sure we have everything in line that we need.

Working on MORE Administrivia, Happening 50, pt 4

Happening LogoI’ve been working on stuff for the Happening web site. We’re getting a domain, and will have a small site to have the applications for happeners and staff. But it needs to be tested before anything is published. And I need to get the photos I have uploaded. Whee! There are also a few minor technical details such as who should be listed on the contacts, and what phone numbers need to be published, and stuff like that. Everyone’s favorite adminstrivia, right?

Working on Administrivia, Happening 50, pt 3

Happening LogoWell, the first staff meeting is done, and I’ve had a chance to sit down and make a few notes. The rector did a good job. The observing rector will do a good job too. I need to sit down with the rector and we need to put together a good agenda and checklist of things to accomplish for the next staff meeting. List sof the staff need to go out, and we need to promote it to the folks who are able to go through. But Yay, the first staff meeting is done!

Working on Administrivia, Happening 50, pt 2

Happening logoI just got in tonight after spending a couple of hours putting together a Big Sis’s handbook for me. I also picked up some snack stuff for tomorrow’s staff meeting. Earlier today we got the second musician for the weekend confirmed. Tomorrow is that first staff meeting!

I will be glad when the meeting is over. I still have to visit the church in Guntersville and see what they need of us. November’s big sis is bringing the crate up with other administrative stuff, and I’m beginning to feel halfway comfortable with the Big Sis’s role. Maybe I’ll start to get better rest at night now. I’ve been sleeping very poorly lately. Its anxiety, I know. I want this Happening to go well. And with it being a landmark number, Alabama Happening #50, it gives the retreat more attention. Just what I wanted, more attention on the first time I am in charge.

Working on Administrivia, Happening 50, pt 1

Happening logoWell, the organizational stuff continues apace for Happening 50. Its the youth retreat that I talked about before. We’ve got the youth staff pretty well set. One musician is set, one is up in the air. Its time to look at roles and talk assignments; gophers and group leaders. Both are so important. The group leaders get to stay with the small groups and lead their discussions, but the gophers are the glue that holds the weekend together. Without the gophers and their work, nothing would happen.

Now I’m the Big Sis for the weekend. What that means is that the buck stops here. I’m the responsible adult(!?!) with a church full off teenagers. Of course half of those teens are the ones who are doing the work of the weekend, so it isn’t as nuts as it could be. The first staff face to faces meeting is this Saturday afternoon. We’ll get the talks assigned to the kids and get some of the paperwork out of the way.

So please keep us all in your prayers for Saturday, and through the first weekend of March. Its going to be fun!