Happy Valentine’s Day

Its Valentine’s day, and DH I are at home. We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Whee, an excuse for the store to sell us cards, flowers and candy. A time to get out to eat and get lost in the crowds. No thanks. Instead we’re getting leftovers and hanging out. That is just fine with us. Hope your Valentines day is whatever you want it to be.

Merry Christmas to all

I’m here with DH and his family for Christmas. We’re hanging out and playing with their puppies. The full moon last night was spectacular, and I have a couple of pictures on my camera. But the picture in the little lcd screen was much less impressive than the view in front of me, so I have to wait until the pictures are downloaded to see if the come close to the grandeur of the scene we saw last night. DH’s brother and family are off to church for Christmas Eve Mass. And we have stuff to nosh on and lasagna in the oven to eat in a bit. The wines are chilling or cooling, and the other beverages are available. We have mulling spices, and I’ll be mulling some cider,and possibly some wine later. Tomorrow the gift giving frenzy will take place. But it will be a much more subdued frenzy than years past, since the kids are both older and there are no little ones to get adults up at the crack of dawn. We’ll sleep in and play later.

May your holiday season be filled with cheer, and the new year bring health, happiness, joy, and peace to you and your family!

:The pictures turned out better than I first thought.
Full moon over the road

Happy Labor Day!

I hope your Labor day has been a good one. DH & I have slept late and and then rode the motorcycle out to 29 Dreams. We had a burger and drink out there, then came home. Whee, the motorcycle is working again! Then it was nap time. After working 2 festivals Saturday and Sunday I’m one hurting puppy. But it was a good weekend anyway. I haven’t read a thing today except for my emails. But it is still early.

What to read for RIP Challenge

So I’m taking part in this challenge, yasee? And I really am not sure what I’m going to read. Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post. Life is galloping along at a breakneck pace, and probably will continue to do so until after Halloween. So I figure that I probably could have the last Harry Potter book as one of my books, since I’m about 220 pages in and don’t anticipate being able to finish it until Labor Day, at least.

I’m considering using Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon, simply because of its size. About 2 years ago I’d gotten about halfway through it, then set it down for some reason and never picked it back up. More for the size of the book then any other reason. At 928 pages, its fairly daunting.

But then the recommendations for Neil Gaiman have been nearly unanimous. I’ve liked what I’ve read by him, so I am going to look for one of his books. Its probably going to depend on what I can check out of the library, but American Gods or Fragile Things look like good possibilities.

Jonathan Carroll’s
Land of Laughs is available at the library here. Yay! I think that is definitely going to be one of my books for this challenge.

And one that has been recommended elsewhere, but not mentioned in Carl’s blog is Max Brooks World War Z. After participating briefly in the BLITEOTW challenge, I feel like its required to have a zombie entry. 😉

Another good possibility is Dan Simmon’s The Terror. It looks to be just right for this challenge.

All of these books are ones that I’ve not read or finished. I probably will look at re-reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula, possibly Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot or the Shining, Children of Night by Dan Simmons. They’ll be fun for the season too.

Hooray for July!

Or June is over.

Thank God! It has not been a good June. Its not the worst June I’ve ever had, but it hasn’t been good at all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that July is going to be much, much better than June was.

I do hope that any celebrating that you may do this week is very fun and safe. The drought in the area here is going to keep lots of folks from playing with fireworks, but fireworks aren’t what makes the July 4th celebrations. They are a nice icing on the cake, but it isn’t the celebration itself.

Happy VDAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

I hope everyone who had snow today was able to enjoy it! We had a dusting of snow and flurries here this morning. It actually felt like winter here today.

DH fixed dinner for us, and opened a bottle of wine. Yum! Playing online, cats around and sipping a glass of wine. Its a nice night!

Valentine’s Day 2007

Is going to be pretty much like most every other Wednesday here at chez geekgirl. That’s ok. DH is thinking about a menu for us, and we’ll avoid the craziness that the local restaurant scene is bound to be. I have no wish to wait 1.5 hours for a table at a local restaurant and get harried service while trying to enjoy a nice dinner.

And forget the weeds for Vday too. Have you looked at the price of flowers in February? Its nuts! So skip ’em until they are in season and it isn’t so outrageously expensive. God bless the florists and delivery folks who are working major amounts of overtime right now. It is really going to be a bad day for a co-worker of mine. His mother passed away over the weekend and the funeral is tomorrow. The office is sending flowers. I’m scared of what that bill will be.

A fairly quiet night at home is on tap.  And it will be good.  Good company, good food, a cat on the lap, and that’s what I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

What is on tap for you?