food poisoning is no fun what so ever

As I have found out the hard way. Tuesday evening I ate out with DH and one of his teacher friends at 5PM before choir practice and their open house. By the time choir practice was over at 8:30 I was feeling nauseated, and it got worse as the night progressed. I spent all of yesterday in bed with nausea and horrid stomach cramps. It wasn’t my idea of a good time. This morning most of the symptoms have faded, I’m just amazingly tired right now. I’ve called the restaurant to let them know, hopefully they will check it out. I wouldn’t wish this on somebody else.

Delenn Kitty is no more

Delenn is gone. Yesterday she perked up a bit in the afternoon. DH had a chance to visit with her and sing her cat songs. She got up from where she was laying and went into the kitchen and he gave her some chunk chicken. She gobbled it up and meowed for more! I was encourage when he called me to tell me about it. He ended up giving her several more pieces of chicken, which she gladly ate and then went back to her spot. After I got home, she was not as perky. She ended up throwing up everything she had eaten for the last 4 hours. She was wandering between the litter box to throw up and then back to her nest. Each trip was shakier than the previous. It reached the point where she would wander out of her nest a few steps, throw up, and then go back. Finally she went downstairs to hide. It was time.

So this morning DH and & took her to the vet for the last time. We both have been crying on and off since Wednesday. This little kitty has been a big part of our lives for a long time. She’s been a sweet and loyal companion. One of the hardest parts was getting out of bed this morning. I wanted to stay in bed and pretend that nothing had changed and Delenn was fine. But that’s not true, and wasn’t ever going to be true. So We both got up and moving. We found her hiding under the couch downstairs and brought her back upstairs. She allowed me to hold her on my lap for a bit, then got a little bit of water and wandered slowly back to her nest upstairs. I had a bit of yogurt, and Delenn had some too.

After the vet’s offices opened, I called to see about bringing her in. We got it set up and then got it together to go. The hardest part was pulling Delenn from her nest and getting her set in the towel for the trip. She didn’t fight it at all. I had promised her that she wouldn’t hurt any more, and I wasn’t going to break that promise. We got to the vet’ s office and Delenn perked up a bit again, nosing around the counter and the office cats, checking out the chocolates on the counter too. I told her that if she wanted one, she was welcome to it. She wasn’t that interested in the chocolates, and checked out a few more things and cats around the way. But the vet’s tech came around and had the room ready soon, and we went back there. They had a towel down, but I put our towel down over it for her. Delenn settled down on the table and you could see very rib and both sets of hips. The vet made sure we all knew where the tissues were, since we were leaking at the eyes and sniffling. They used gas to let her go to sleep, then gave her the injection. She went quickly.

She’s been buried, and is now no longer hurting. We will miss her.

Stupid head cold

There’s too much left to do for me to be sick. Unfortunately the virus I have isn’t letting me be busy.

DH started with this cold on Tuesday, having a bad time with it on Wednesday, and dealing with the aftermath on Thursday and today. I started having a scratchy throat on Wednesday, yesterday was the acknowledgement that yes, I do have a freaking cold and today has not been fun. I didn’t go to a Christmas party last night that I had been looking forward to since I was feeling like crap and didn’t want to give this to anyone else.

Stupid rhinovirus. Go away, now!

My uncle made it through surgery.

And that’s a blessing. He is still very ill, and has a very long recovery and rehab ahead. The staph infection is still there. There is damage from the stroke to evaluate. But the physical therapist at the hospital saw him before the surgery, and had encouraging things to say about his prognosis for recovery.

Next time I go to the doctor’s office, I need to see about letting him know about the incidences of serious artery blockage that have occurred in Mom’s side of the family. At 40, I don’t think I need to seriously worry about it yet, but I do need to make sure that it goes into consideration for the future. After 3 of my aunts and uncles on Mom’s side have had major blockages in their arteries that required surgery, I have to keep an eye on possible carotid artery disease.

not so hot news for my uncle

I got a call first thing this morning, my uncle, who had gotten out of the hospital and was finally at home, had a stroke and is back in the hospital. His speech is messed up and he is having trouble moving his right arm and leg. Mom had heard from my cousin that the doctors are evaluating him. There is going to be some sort of surgery going to be on, but we don’t know when.

My uncle is doing better now

I got an email earlier that my uncle is home now. He’s got a lot of recovering to do, but seems to be doing better. They’ve still got to clean and dress the incisions in his leg, and he’s got a port to take IV antibiotics several times a day. But his spirits are pretty good and he is doing what the doctors say.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I do appreciate them very much.

No news is good news, right?

As of 6:00 this evening, my uncle was still in surgery. I’m assuming that if there were any problems, I’d have heard by now. They had finished removing the stent, and were going to be working on the new graft. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery has gone well, and that nothing else extraneous shows up.

Keep my family in your thoughts, please.

One of my maternal uncles is in the hospital. He’s got a staph infection. It appears to be located at stent that was inserted previously, and is going to be having surgery to replace the stent with a graft.

Update-There are several more tests that have to be done before surgery can be done, but the hospital appears to have the infection under control right now. My uncle had a heart attack several years ago, and his cardiologist has to approve the surgery before it happens. So its a holding pattern for the moment.

Its only a matter of time, now

They’ve taken my grandma off the respirator. She’s still in a coma, and is not in good shape. I’m pretty scattered mentally right now. So I may or may not be posting much over the next week or so. If you could, keep her and my family in your prayers. Even though it is what she wanted, its still a tough decision that Dad and the uncles had to make.

Bad news continues

So Grandma is not in good shape. She’s in a coma, and on the respirator. The stroke has affected her heart, so they are giving her blood thinners. After the tests today, the doctors are not hopeful that she will recover. It appears that there is going to be major damage from the stroke, and she may have to remain on the ventilator. There’s a DNR (do not resuscitate) order if she has a heart attack. The word that I’m getting second and third hand is not good at all. Dad’s other brother who lives out of town will get in tonight. Then it sounds like Dad and the uncles will may need to be making a decision about the respirator. It is going to be tough. If you would keep us in your prayers, I would appreciate it.

Bad news this morning

I got a call from my mom this morning at the beginning of the day. My grandmother had a stroke this morning. She’s now in ICU, on a respirator. She can move a little bit on her left side, but her right side is paralyzed. They’ve got her sedated, so she is out of it right now. Dad is flying off tomorrow morning to see her. They say that the next 24 hours will be important. Evidently, she fell this morning, and that is when she had the stroke. Fortunately, my uncle heard it and was able to get to her and get help quickly. If you’re so inclined, I would appreciate your prayers for my grandmother.

The only thing worse than being sick

is being sick away from home.

I had a work conference at the beach from last Sunday through yesterday. The conference was held about 45 minuted from my sister’s house. DH and I planned on going to her house to visit her family, since the last time we saw them was at Christmas. When I called down to see if it was still ok, I found out that everybody down there had gotten sick. It was a nasty stomach bug, with all that entails. But they said that I should call back on Friday to see how they were doing.

When I called back, they were all wiped out, but hadn’t had a bad episode all day. DH and I decided that we would drive down on Saturday if they were better, otherwise we would head straight down for the conference on Sunday. Saturday morning they were better, and we beat the weather down to the gulf coast. It was nice to see my sister, her husband, niece and nephew. The kids were having a good time. We went out to dinner and came back and crashed.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast, then DH & I drove to my conference. It wasn’t too far, and we got there as things were starting up. I found my compatriots from work, and went to the opening sessions. The opening sessions weren’t anything great, but I still went. Dinner was included in the conference, so I went to it. I felt like I over ate, but wasn’t too uncomfortable. When I got back to the room, I found my local access numbers and got online to check my emails and the like. I tried to sleep that night, but it wasn’t restful, and my upset stomach was not helping.

Monday morning I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I had to. And unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately is the better term, I did. That’s when I had the first real inkling that I was sick. I thought it might have been a bad something from dinner the previous night. No such luck. I had caught the bug that my sister’s family had. I tried to go to the first session, before it was obvious, but I didn’t last through it all. Instead I stayed in bed the rest of the day Monday, wiped out, feverish, and nauseous. Tuesday I was feeling a little bit better, but still exhausted, feverish and hurting. But we had to check out and come home. Thank goodness it was just the fever and exhaustion rather than the other problems. I was really glad DH was along with me.  I didn’t want to be driving back to town myself.  If I had been there by myself, I probably would have driven to my sister’s and slept there until I work up rested enough to drive home.