DH twisted his ankle

Poor DH. The other day he stepped in a hole wrong and his ankle twisted under him. Its been bugging him since then. He rode his motorcycle to work today, so he wore his old combat boots there all day. This evening he took his sock off and showed me his ankle. It was swollen up around the top of the ankle. He didn’t realize it was swollen at all, so I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer so he could get that ankle iced. Now he’s got the ankle elevated and iced. Hopefully it’ll heal quickly.

Mom Update

Mom got to the orthopedist and has a fractured ankle. She also has a cracked rib too. But nothing is fully broken and she’s getting good care. Now she has to take it easy for a while until she heals up.

now its december

And I was an abysmal poster in November. I hope your Thanksgiving was a safe one. We got to visit DH’s parents for it. We had a safe trip up to Huntsville. No turkey, ham. 🙂

Unfortunately, I got the word on Sunday that my mom got hurt the night before. She and my dad were out of town visiting my sister and her family. They had gone to a performance of the Nutcracker that my niece performed in, and were bringing home the niece and nephew after the performance when she slipped and broke fractured her ankle. 😦 She made a trip to the ER and now has a boot, crutches, and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.

She and dad are home now. DH and I made a trip out tonight bearing gifts of hot and sour soup and sizzling rice chicken. Hot and sour soup has become our comfort soup for when we don’t feel good. Hopefully Mom will be doing better soon.