Art imitates life, and sad news

Life imitates art imitates life.

In the Thursday Next books, there are organizations that are dedicated to the proposition that William Shakespeare did not write the plays that were attributed to him. This is nothing new, there are folks in our reality who assert the same. But now another organization that has the same views is getting press. The article gives some of the folks who doubt, as well as their web site, I’ve not got a dog in the hunt, so make up your own mind about it.

Oh no, I just found out that Madeleine L’Engle passed away on Friday. 😦 I enjoyed her books, and had the opportunity to hear her speak here in town once. She was an enjoyable and compelling speaker. She will be missed.

Finished the Eyre Affaire

It was lots of fun! I’m definitely going to be searching out the rest of the series. Thursday Next is a heroine that I will enjoy!

I must give up some geek cred. I still haven’t finished Harry Potter yet. I had hoped to get further in the book this weekend, but the wedding that I ended up singing in turned into the reception that wouldn’t end and I couldn’t get away from. For something that I had to be there are noon, I couldn’t get away until 7PM. Grrr. Then the event that I had scheduled for my biz on Sunday ran longer than intended, so Sunday afternoon was gone too. Ooof. Oh well. We’ll see if I can read it this evening and put it down when I need to go to sleep.

Weird nuggets on the web, oddly named wines

Ok. I found anther “life is weirder than fiction” entry on the web.

Check it out, Hello Kitty wine. Not to mention the New Zealand Cat’s Pee on A Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc. And I thought the Monty Python Black Sheep Ale was a bit off.

I’m enjoying my Woodchuck Raspberry Cider that we got in Lafayette, LA.  I’m just hoping that the stores here in Birmingham will start to carry it soon.