Weird thing happened at our house today

DH’s car is still at the shop so he and I are still carpooling. When we got home from work today, there was a major change to our yard. We drove up and the front lawn was covered with wood chips and scrap. One landscape area was mown down to the ground. Another area had everything but the azalea removed, and the azalea was cut back so much it may not survive. Then the back yard had brush cut and removed. There’s a large pile of branches laying on the ground back there. The rosemary by the driveway was cut waaaaay back. There is now a big pile of leaves and debris in the driveway that wasn’t there when we left home this morning.

DH & I got out of the car and walked around the yard trying to see what exactly was done and wondering what the hell happened! One of the neighbor’s was in his driveway and DH went over to ask him if he saw what happened to our yard. Evidently there was a fairly large crew that came and worked in the yard. They cut plants down and chipped them and spread the chips over the front lawn. There must have been 3 truckloads of workers here today.

But the kicker is, we didn’t hire ANYONE to work in our yard. We haven’t had anyone else out to work in our yard for over a year. And the person we had hired the last time is still recovering from food poisoning that he came down with on Tuesday. We think that somebody else paid for a lawn company to come out and clean up their yard. And that company was at our house instead of where they should have been, doing stuff that we didn’t set up and removing some plants that we didn’t want removed. We’re going to have to rake up all that chipped wood before it kills off what grass there is in the front yard. This isn’t what we needed to come home to this afternoon.

June woes

What is it with June this year? The motorcycle, the laptop, and now the wisdom tooth.

I had my last wisdom tooth out this afternoon. The first two came out 22?!? years ago. Then the dentist said he was going to wait until the other two didn’t have to be cut out of my mouth, so the third one came out about 6 or 7 years ago. It was coming in sideways and cutting into my cheek. I was pleased to have it out.

Actually, I’m pretty glad to have the last one out. It was coming in sideways too, and starting to rip up the inside of my other cheek. It took longer for all the anesthetic to take effect than it took for the dentist to pop the tooth out of my jaw. I’m more than willing to wait for it. It was an upper wisdom tooth. My dentist was only partly joking when he said that the root went up to the eye socket. I’m going to wait for all that anethetic to take effect!

But my mouth is now sore and the local anesthetic is wearing off. I’ve picked up the antibiotic and painkillers that were prescribed for me. Whee, more drugs. Ain’t my normal thing, but tooth extractions are not my normal thing either. I only have a couple of days of the painkiller, but the antibiotics are a full course. Gaping holes in your mouth are not good things, except for special effects. 😉

Thank goodness for modern dentistry. It makes these things so much easier!

Laptop update

Its dead, Jim.

And there are some interesting things that have come to light. With it not being under warranty, and the HP tech not able to do anything other than say send it in for more money, I had someone look at the guts of the machine to see if any of the cards had just wiggled loose. Nope, the RAM was firmly in its place. But wait, that’s a 256 M of RAM. How the hell was XP running on 256? I thought I had at least 512, if not a full gig of ram whenI purchased the laptop? I did know enough about the machine requirements of the software that I wouldn’t have purchased a laptop with that little RAM.

And the hard drive. When he pulled the drive out of he case, it said it was a 60 gig drive. I could have sworn we purchased an 80 gig hard drive, not a 60 gig drive. I knew that I was going to be using the laptop for my business stuff, with the website and pictures. I’ve got some major cognitive dissonance with my perception of my laptop and what was on it when we got into it. I’m going to be doing some digging to find out what I actually purchased. If what I actually purchased was not what was in it when it was returned from the service call, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

If you’re wondering

what the previous weirdness was, I found the BLITEOTW site late Wednesday night. It was a blog site that started the zombipocalypse idea. The main idea of the thing was to have everybody who wanted to participate blog all day about zombies taking over their corner of the world. And as I have a bit of haunted house experience, that was just too fun and silly not to take up. I just hate that I didn’t find out about it until too late in the day to take real advantage of the entire meme. There are some really great blogs out there linked to the site with fantastic setups that are really great writing. They set up the situations very plausibly and keep up very real seeming situations. I need to find and post some of the links to the bloggers whose stories were the best.

Weirdness at Wal-Mart

Man, when they say that the crazies come out to Wal-Mart, they aren’t kidding! Obviously there’s not much to do in rural areas, but this was ridiculous. I had errands to run south of town, so as I was driving back up the highway past a Wal-Mart parking lot, I couldn’t help but see how full it was. There were banners up for the Grand Opening. And it looked like everyone from the 3 surrounding counties were there with their SUVs parked. But the weirdest part was the crowd in the parking lot. Over in the area near the garden center was a group of about 50 to 75 people, just ambling in a confused mob. They looked a mess, even from the distance of the highway. I was stopped at the traffic light there, and it was just an odd vibe that the group gave off. A few of them started headed toward the highway, but the lights changed and I headed home.

Now some folks who aren’t familiar are starting to walk through the neighborhood. Its another odd thing for this late tonight.

Just weirdness.

Weird nuggets on the web, oddly named wines

Ok. I found anther “life is weirder than fiction” entry on the web.

Check it out, Hello Kitty wine. Not to mention the New Zealand Cat’s Pee on A Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc. And I thought the Monty Python Black Sheep Ale was a bit off.

I’m enjoying my Woodchuck Raspberry Cider that we got in Lafayette, LA.  I’m just hoping that the stores here in Birmingham will start to carry it soon.