Getting closer to having the hang of my phone

So its been a full day with the phone. I’m still playing with the features, and seeing how to do stuff I’m used to doing with my previous one.

I’m finding out the best settings to keep the battery charge from dropping like a stone. I do want to get a car mount so I can use the google maps navigation feature. That’s one reason to have the phone, so I can get ride of my gps. Having a way to use it without it being dangerous would be a plus! 🙂

Other than that, its getting easier to be used to it. I knew it would take time to do it.

Live posting from the phone now

I’m posting from the WordPress phone app now! Hooray! This phone eats battery like candy so far. I’ve downloaded the advanced taskkiller app to help kill the processes I don’t want running all the time, but it still isn’t keeping its charge like I would prefer. I’ve also downloaded the skyfire browser, as well as several recommended games – angry birds, paper toss, sudoku, and mah jong.

I’m still fumbling win it as I attemp to answer calls. DH says the voice quality of my calls isn’t as clear as my previous phone. I’m still waiting for my phone case to arrive, along with the screen protector. I’ll be much happier when i feel like the phone is better protected.

So far so good. It still is a steep learning curve to go for me.

The new phone is live

Of course I had to get on the phone with customer support to get the phone activated, but its now working. And I’m going to have to get another batter, cause I’m running through the existing one like its nothing. I’ve downloaded the advanced task killer app, as well as several others.

I’m not used to having a smart phone available, so its going to be a learning experience. I’m looking forward to playing with this more!

Its here!


Guess what was delivered today?

You have three guesses and the first two don’t count!

My new smart phone is here!


I got a Droid X. Its on the charger now. I’ll be messing with it tomorrow after its fully charged up.

Now I’m looking at apps, what do you suggest?

Wants versus needs

I’m fighting with myself over want versus need. Last phone upgrade I went with a clamshell phone and got a netbook. Overall I’m pleased with the netbook, but I’m still jonesing for a smart phone. It would be incredibly handy in my biz to look up characters that I’m asked for that I have never seen before, or can check the weather on the fly out while riding on my scooter.

I won’t go with an iPhone. I really don’t care for AT&T and their coverage in Alabama is not as good as Verizon, my current provider. I’ve been given notice that I can now upgrade my phone early. I’d really like one of the Droids, but in order to get that phone it’ll cost $200.00.

On the other hand, this trip to the NASA tweetup is a really great excuse to upgrade! Yes, I like gadgets. And if I get a smartphone I can forgo some of the other gadgets to take with me. But do I really want to spend that money on a phone when I have one that works.

Decisions, decisions. I gotta choose soon.

Fighting with the connection

Yesterday our internet connection was down again. DH ran the gamut of his abilities in trying to connect to our account online. We have DSL, it goes through a wired router. Earlier in the year there was a problem with our connection. The phone company messed up the setup at their end and didn’t have our line configured properly. We lost a week’s worth of connectivity due to their screwup, thank you not AT&T. So when DH couldn’t connect to the internet after he got home, he called me to see if I knew of something he should do. I had him tell me everything he had done, and found that he did everything I would have done and couldn’t go further without a call to Earthlink tech support. Since his patience for that is about nil, I told him I would go ahead on and call tech support after I got home.

I finally got home after choir practice, ate dinner, and turned on my computer. I could get into the router, but it sure wouldn’t connect when I tried it. So I started the descent into tech support hell. First was navigating the automated answering system. “Please state your problem. Please tell your problem” I have said the problem, it would help if your system actually recognized the words I used. “We are experiencing high levels of calls, please hold the line.” After about 30 or so minutes on hold, I got to speak to the first support tech. She was not a native english speaker. She was working from the script, but was having problems trying to find our account information. She put me on hold several times as she was working an researching the problem. Unfortunately aft I had been on hold with her for about 20 minutes, the system cut off and the call hung up. I was not pleased with that. That made me peeved.

I called the support line back, and as I was trying to navigate the system again, it disconnected. That was not a very good thing either. I was starting to get annoyed with Earthlink support.

Third time’s the charm, right? So I called back a third time. After navigating the automated answering system from hell, and waiting for a tech, I got a guy to answer the phone. So we got the account verified and started into the troubleshooting. We started into it and got into getting into the control panel stuff. And midway through it, he decided that I needed to be handed off to another person in a different area. sigh. So I talked to the 4th person. And we determined that the modem itself works. So under her direction I connected the modem directly to the computer, set up a new connection to the account on the computer, and got through. And I found out that Earthlink charges a router maintenance fee of $7.95 per month. There’s no way in hell I’m going to sign up for that, the router was working perfectly the day before. We had it set up for our account, and there was no way this tech was going to talk anything about the router. Fine. Sure. No Problem. The modem is verified as working, its 10:30 at night and I’m tired of the run around. Thanks for your help, I’m done.

I turned the computer off and went to bed. Of course, this morning at work I thought of something to try. So when DH called me during the day, I told him what I though might work. And when I got home this afternoon, he made that change and the router connected! Obviously, since now I’ve posted this from my house tonight. Hooray DH, and boo Earthlink.