2nd car update

The adjuster called DH back. She finally got in touch with the young man who hit him. That was a part of the hold up. The young man was out of town after the accident, and she couldn’t make a determination about the accident without taking his statement. They are going to pay for the repairs and not total the jeep, so DH is a happy camper. We are still a one car family, since they only will pay for a rental car while the repairs are being made, but not while one is waiting on parts to arrive from the manufacturer. It is quite inconvenient right now, since DH has several things he has to do this weekend, and I have obligations elsewhere as well. But soon we will be a multi vehicle family again and will be able to meet all our responsibilities without begging others for rides. DH just has to get the ball rolling on repairs!

New motorcycle wrinkle

This afternoon, DH had a blowout on the motorcycle on his way after dropping me off at the car dealership. He was on a fairly wide shouldered road that is not highly traveled, thank goodness. The pusher tire blew out at about 50 mph. He got the bike back under control, slowed down, and then pulled off to the side of the road. He called me to let me know, and I came over to where he was on the side of the road.

He had just gotten the motorcycle back from the body shop. They finished up repairing the side car today and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But in the course of all the bike’s trips to the different shops, they tightened up the pinch bolt holding the axle on the rear tire, he thinks with an impact wrench. And he wasn’t able to get it loosened up with his little wrenches in his repair kit. It wasn’t until another biker stopped with a repair kit that had slightly longer wrenches that he could get the leverage to break the pinch bolt on the tire. It was over 100F this afternoon when he was out fighting the tire. I’m just glad that he was ok.

As for me, my car just needed the regular service, tires and brakes checked, oil changed, and belts and hoses checked. Unfortunately, we found tonight that the low beam of my driver’s headlight is out now, after the service. grumble, grumble, grumble. You’d think that they would check the headlights when they had the car in for service, too.

New motorcycle forks in from California

So the motorcycle shop has gotten it to a paint shop and they should be painted to match the rest of the bike. DH and I are hoping that the bike should be ready by the end of the week. At least the repair place is keeping us in the information loop. We’re both really pleased about that. DH is especially pleased, since the bike gets so much better gas mileage than his 1989 Jeep Wrangler.

Computer build started

according to the order status at Dell. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that its be done and shipped before the August 1st estimated ship date. I want my own machine again! Yes, I’m spoiled. I don’t want to share a computer with my husband. He likes to play World of Warcrack or COmbat Mission, or Steel Beasts when I’d like to get in and read my emails or work on stuff for the biz. I also like being able to be upstairs where its a bit warmer rather than in the basement where the temperature is much cooler than upstairs. It suits DH, but my blood is a bit thinner.

The new computer will be here soon. Then I’ll be able to stay warm working on it again!

Work has been authorized on the motorcycle!

Yay! One of the things that has held up the repairs on the bike has been that the lienholder had to approve the estimate of repair for the bike. DH finally got a shop to give him an estimate in writing and the credit union that holds the loan approved the work. They have to order the forks from California, so its going to be 10 days to 3 weeks to get the motorcycle part of the work done. Then the sidecar has to be fixed. But DH is getting separate estimates for that part of the work.

As DH says, it still beats the 6 month ship time from Russia.

Motorcycle update, June 17

Well, DH is still waiting on an appraisal from the motorcycle shop for fixing the front forks and the rest of the motorcycle parts. The shop wants to say its may take 30-40 hours to fix the dents in the sidecar? Huh? Yeah, right. DH told them to get an appraisal for the motorcycle forks and the front part of the bike, so the bike could get running, and then he’d worry about the sidecar. He told them this on Saturday June 9th. They still don’t have an appraisal for the forks yet. He’s about to tell them to forget it, since they obviously don’t want his business. Its frustrating him very much.

I’ve investigated the Morotcycle Safety Classes that are offered here in Alabama. The June class is full, and they don’t offer them in July and August. I don’t understand why they don’t want to stand around out in the sun on a parking lot all day in July and August. Duh! </sarcasm> I’ll be taking the Basic Riders Course sometime in the fall. It’ll be money well spent.