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Kickball and charity

Last night was a charity kickball game here in Birmingham. The local kickball “league” challenged the staff of the restaurant where the after parties are held to a match. The game started at 7:00 PM and was refereed by Chuck Geiss. Rojo, the restaurant, was raising money for Sharrif Simmons. The Kickball Allstars were raising money for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

Now kickball is usually an excuse to play in the park and have social time with folks. The charity matches are evidently no different. Given the heat, everyone was very glad the games wasn’t starting until 7PM. There were water balloons o’ plenty being heaved at at all and sundry on the field. The cups were present on the field and coolers are required gear. If you haven’t noticed, the game is only part of the attraction of kickball here in Birmingham. 🙂 The players pay $10.00 to play the game, and the spectators are asked for donations as well at the charity games. The money from the players and the spectator donations are kept separate and the winning team’s charity receives the larger of the collections, and the losing team’s charity receives the smaller of the collections.

In the end, the valiant efforts of the Kickball Allstars was not enough to fend off the efforts of Rojo. So Sharrif Simmons will receive the larger of the monies raised. I have no idea how much was actually raised, but I know Sharrif Simmons is thankful for for any help he receives. He was robbed and shot in May of this year, and has had several surgeries. He will need more before he is well and, like many other artists, he is without health insurance. He has a long way to go yet. Check out the myspace page that is helping Sharrif out and give what you can.

My thanks to the Terminal and their timely reminder about kickball. Otherwise I would have stayed home last night and been a veg.

If you’re wondering

what the previous weirdness was, I found the BLITEOTW site late Wednesday night. It was a blog site that started the zombipocalypse idea. The main idea of the thing was to have everybody who wanted to participate blog all day about zombies taking over their corner of the world. And as I have a bit of haunted house experience, that was just too fun and silly not to take up. I just hate that I didn’t find out about it until too late in the day to take real advantage of the entire meme. There are some really great blogs out there linked to the site with fantastic setups that are really great writing. They set up the situations very plausibly and keep up very real seeming situations. I need to find and post some of the links to the bloggers whose stories were the best.

Weirdness at Wal-Mart

Man, when they say that the crazies come out to Wal-Mart, they aren’t kidding! Obviously there’s not much to do in rural areas, but this was ridiculous. I had errands to run south of town, so as I was driving back up the highway past a Wal-Mart parking lot, I couldn’t help but see how full it was. There were banners up for the Grand Opening. And it looked like everyone from the 3 surrounding counties were there with their SUVs parked. But the weirdest part was the crowd in the parking lot. Over in the area near the garden center was a group of about 50 to 75 people, just ambling in a confused mob. They looked a mess, even from the distance of the highway. I was stopped at the traffic light there, and it was just an odd vibe that the group gave off. A few of them started headed toward the highway, but the lights changed and I headed home.

Now some folks who aren’t familiar are starting to walk through the neighborhood. Its another odd thing for this late tonight.

Just weirdness.

Played Kickball today

Oh my. This 40 year old has got a bit of game left. I scored a couple of runs today.

The kickball games started today after 3:00 PM and it was still pretty hot. DH took us to the games on his bike. We got there and I saw some folks from before. I paid for us to play and signed us up for teams. There ended up being enough people to have 4 teams. So DH and I played on the second set of teams. I can still kick ok, and field ok. I took a few tumbles today, though. I’m going to be one very hurting puppy tomorrow, though. I have taken Aleve and I hope that I’ll be in decent shape by Tuesday.