The day we fight back against mass surveillance

If you’ve been as disgusted with the overreaching and unconstitutional surveillance that the NSA is doing, then please see this website The day we fight back. There is a banner on that site that gives you an overview of some legislation that will help reign in some of the worst abuses and links to look up your senators and other legislators.


Google groups throwing a monkeywrench

I manage a google group for a small committee. We use the files section to store different documents that are used by the committee members, since physically getting together to transfer paper can be difficult at times. Unfortunately google has decided that they are changing the groups, and disallowing new files to be uploaded to the groups. I’m trying to figure out if I can use google documents to store the files for the group. Everyone who has access to the group needs should be able to access the files. From reading the documentation, it looks like I should be able to do it, but I may end up having to walk some folks through retrieving the files a time or five in the future. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to transfer the files directly to google documents, I’m going to have to download each one (or the entire group) and then upload them separately to documents. 😦 Boo. That’s not particularly use friendly.
Thanks so much for the help.

Getting closer to having the hang of my phone

So its been a full day with the phone. I’m still playing with the features, and seeing how to do stuff I’m used to doing with my previous one.

I’m finding out the best settings to keep the battery charge from dropping like a stone. I do want to get a car mount so I can use the google maps navigation feature. That’s one reason to have the phone, so I can get ride of my gps. Having a way to use it without it being dangerous would be a plus! 🙂

Other than that, its getting easier to be used to it. I knew it would take time to do it.

Live posting from the phone now

I’m posting from the WordPress phone app now! Hooray! This phone eats battery like candy so far. I’ve downloaded the advanced taskkiller app to help kill the processes I don’t want running all the time, but it still isn’t keeping its charge like I would prefer. I’ve also downloaded the skyfire browser, as well as several recommended games – angry birds, paper toss, sudoku, and mah jong.

I’m still fumbling win it as I attemp to answer calls. DH says the voice quality of my calls isn’t as clear as my previous phone. I’m still waiting for my phone case to arrive, along with the screen protector. I’ll be much happier when i feel like the phone is better protected.

So far so good. It still is a steep learning curve to go for me.

The new phone is live

Of course I had to get on the phone with customer support to get the phone activated, but its now working. And I’m going to have to get another batter, cause I’m running through the existing one like its nothing. I’ve downloaded the advanced task killer app, as well as several others.

I’m not used to having a smart phone available, so its going to be a learning experience. I’m looking forward to playing with this more!