First full day in FL


Sunday, Halloween, was my first full day in Florida. We picked up one of my other roommate’s tweetup credentials, then headed to the Kennedy Space Complex Visitors Center. We got there and Timmy was able to see the different capsules and rockets. He rode the Shuttle Launch Experience. Timmy also saw the Lego Mars Rover.

Oh man, Timmy is learning more than I realized

Unfortunately I found out that Timmy has been spending more time here with DH than I realized.

Do you know what a redneck’s last words are? “Hey Bubba, watch this!”

Before half time, Timmy found out that DH has some rockets left over from the holidays. Evidently they got into the beer a bit earlier than I thought. So I guess Timmy thought he might try out an idea that had been in his head.


Fortunately DH saw him and stopped him before he got any further. I really don’t want to have to explain to Think Geek how Timmy managed to get himself blown up while he was visiting me!

Timmy and Football

One of the things that Timmy wanted to experience while he was here was watching an Alabama football game. And it just so happened that DH could accommodate his wishes. They watched the Alabama versus Tennessee game. I was out when the game started so I was a bit surprised to see them both watching. Football football game fooball

And of course, you can’t have football without beer, can you? Timmy and DH had one. Beer Or two. beer Or a few. beer

I think Timmy learned a few choice phrases, including “Roll Tide Roll”

Timmy visiting Town part 2

Well, after visiting with Matt, Timmy wanted to see more of Birmingham! One of the historic sites in town is Sloss Furnaces. With the iron ore available in Red Mountain smelting furnaces helped create town. Sloss is a landmark here, and we drove by to visit. Unfortunately they use the grounds for a haunted house in October, and we don’t really have access to it to visit. So we drove to one side to see part of it. Timmy beside Sloss
Timmy at Sloss 2 Timmy beside Sloss 3 After we were done beside Sloss, we headed elsewhere.

Part of the downtown city landscape is the railroad tracks that divide the north side of town from the south side of town. The railroad was the lifeline for the new city, taking smelted iron out and bringing in people and other supplies. We stopped on one of the overpasses and showed Timmy this part of our home. Timmy and the viaduct

Then we got to one of the higher points in town. Vulcan is one of the largest cast iron statues in the world, and debuted at the 1904 World’s Fair.
Timmy at Vulcan's parking lot
While we were there, Timmy wanted to check out DH’s Ural. Timmy checking out the Ural He thought he might want to drive it some time. Then we headed up to the observation platform so Timmy could see the entire valley. Vulcan Once up at the top, Timmy got the layout of here! Timmy looking east northeast
Timmy looking North northwest Timmy looking up! After spending some time way up in the air, we came back to earth. Back on the ground And headed to the house to get bite to eat and let Timmy recover from his adventures around town.

Timmy visiting town

Well, while he’s been here, Timmy decided he wanted to see a bit more of Birmingham than just our house.

Since it was so nice this weekend, we took a bit of a ride with him! He stayed with me on my scooter.
Timmy getting ready to go

We had to fuel up the Ural first. Then we visited Matt at Magic City Motor Scooters. Timmy at MCMS Timmy got his picture made on the scooter frame that Matt puchased from the American Pickers guys when they came through last year. Timmy on Pickers scooter He tried on a few scooters for size while he was there. Timmy on scooter Timmy on scoot 2 Then he hung out with with us there for a while! Timmy hanging out at MCMS

Heee! Tweetup fun

I got a package the other day… new package

It was from Think Geek! When I got into the box this is what I found. Timmy Its Timmy! Or at least a Timmy clone. He’s going with me to the Nasa Tweetup for Discovery’s launch.

As I was getting into the box, Snoopy and Artie wanted to see what was going on and helped to get Timmy out and situated. Timmy, Snoopy and Artie

Snoopy has already been flying with me, he’s flown in a Wright B Flyer in Dayton Ohio, so he really wants to see the shuttle take off. Timmy and Snoopy will be at the Tweetup. I’m hoping that Camilla_SDO will be able to attend this tweetup too!

Snoopy, TImmy, and Artie