Other odd things

I watch TV occasionally. I don’t watch much network tv, its usually pretty bad. I have no wish to watch the night time soaps or “dramas.” They usually have no scripts that are compelling to me.

Last week a co worker told me about a show that was coming on tv that looked like it would be something that I would be interested in. ABC has a new show called Pushing Daisies. I checked it out last week and DH & I were amused. Its got a stylized look and a smart sense of humor. The premise of the show is that the main character Ned can bring back someone or something to life from the dead. But there’s a couple of gotchas to this little talent. If the returned to life person or critter stays alive more than a minute, some one or thing else has to die. And the main character cannot touch that person or thing again, otherwise they/it are dead again permanently.

We watched the second episode tonight. It is a very funny but dark show. We both enjoyed it. There are some really entertaining bits to it, but an appreciation of the absurd is probably best for this show.

Talking about blogging

It’s amusing. I’m sitting here watching the early news and my local fox affiliate is running their weekly tech segment. The guys, Chase and Sam, are talking about blogging. They mention/recommend WordPress!

HBO’s Rome ends tonight.

DH and I have been watching Rome on HBO. It has been a fascinating series that is more or less historically accurate. Sometimes a lot less,but still in broad strokes has an somewhat accurate picture. The sets are lush and the locations are spectacular. Tonight was the series finale. Octavian ascendant, Antony and Cleopatra dead (duh); and several fictitious character’s arcs resolved. I liked seeing the use of henna on the Egyptian characters hands and feet, that feeds in to my side business.