Why Twitter?

That’s a question my mom asked this past weekend.

She knows that I’ve been on twitter for several years now. She’s seen my pictures from the NASA Tweetup, heard about the folks I’ve met and wondered all along about my imaginary internet friends. So she asked again.

This past week I’ve been crazy while on Twitter. With the tornadoes, I’ve been trying to help out however I could. I’ve seen the ability of twitter to make a difference in past disasters and other events. Its able to be a big help to spread the word. Its also can spread rumors and mis-information.

During bad weather, I’ve seen the weather information spread so folks had it. And when tornadoes hit on April 15th, Twitter was a big help in spreading the word about problem weather locations around the state. I’ve passed the word on in previous bad weather occurrences, so I was prepared to do the same on the 27th.

My tweet count prior to April 27th was less than 19,800. In the week since then I have tweeted close to 1,000 times. Most of these tweets have been storm and relief effort related.

So I found a new analogy for my mom. I told her that what I was doing on twitter was similar to what Ham radio operators do during emergencies relaying information on to others. And the Ham radio analogy works on a number of levels. It is identifiable and known.

So why Twitter? Because its a way to connect with people. And because I can help other people with it.