Happening is here!

Happening logoIts here! And the work really begins now. After lots of preparation, the weekend is here. We’ll be in Guntersville for the weekend, so I’ll be waaaaaaay out of pocket. The teenagers are great and will be pumped up for it. The parish has been absolutely fantastic about having us there and we are blessed to be able to be there. Pray for us all this weekend!

Happy VDAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

I hope everyone who had snow today was able to enjoy it! We had a dusting of snow and flurries here this morning. It actually felt like winter here today.

DH fixed dinner for us, and opened a bottle of wine. Yum! Playing online, cats around and sipping a glass of wine. Its a nice night!

Valentine’s Day 2007

Is going to be pretty much like most every other Wednesday here at chez geekgirl. That’s ok. DH is thinking about a menu for us, and we’ll avoid the craziness that the local restaurant scene is bound to be. I have no wish to wait 1.5 hours for a table at a local restaurant and get harried service while trying to enjoy a nice dinner.

And forget the weeds for Vday too. Have you looked at the price of flowers in February? Its nuts! So skip ’em until they are in season and it isn’t so outrageously expensive. God bless the florists and delivery folks who are working major amounts of overtime right now. It is really going to be a bad day for a co-worker of mine. His mother passed away over the weekend and the funeral is tomorrow. The office is sending flowers. I’m scared of what that bill will be.

A fairly quiet night at home is on tap.  And it will be good.  Good company, good food, a cat on the lap, and that’s what I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

What is on tap for you?