Wordcamp Birmingham 2010 part 2

Back now. On to more Wordcamp recap!

After Jen’s lightning talk, Tollie Wiliams addressed using Gravity Forms. He makes it do stuff that it wasn’t necessarily intended to. In spite of some technical problems with the laptop to projector connection cutting out and leaving the screen blank, he did a good job.

Next was the panel discussion with Wade Kwon as moderator, Karla Porter, Rebecca Morrow, and Lisa Isbell as panel participants. A good bit of my notes from this panel ended up on twitter. There was lots of good information that was shared. Between this panel and the next one I got lots of good things to do to help my biz web site out.

Brandon Eley’s presentation, “Tips for bloggers from online marketers” had lots of really good things to look at and see and check and alter. My biz web site is very elementary, and needs to be re-worked. I have to get it updated and keep it better updated, as well as track the things that matter. Its time to do it!

Brandon’s was the last presentation of the day. Dinner and then after party at Aloft Hotel in Homewood. A good number of folks came out and chatted and played.

Today’s Wordcamp festivities took place at Railroad Park, even though their wifi access was down. I was able to get there after 12:30, so I missed the folks who were there early but had to get out and get home. The camaraderie was very evident, and in spite of the heat it was a very pleasant place to be spending the afternoon. It was around 3:30 when the last of us there broke up and headed home.

All in all, it was a good camp. Many thanks to Andre, Henry, Wade, and all the other volunteers who worked very hard on Wordcamp Birmingham!

Fun day at work and Wordcamp Birmingham 2010, pt 1

This morning started out early at a breakfast where I was an invited speaker. It was for women entrepreneurs and women who are interested in possibly becoming one themselves. I was part of a panel of successful business women. The other ladies on the panel all were wonderful and The folks who held the conference made us all feel very welcome there at church. It didn’t end until noon, and by the time I got finished speaking to those ladies who wanted to speak to me and packed up my little display to head to UAB for Wordcamp it was almost 1:00 PM.

I took the scooter today because it was such a lovely day for a ride. Some folks were amazed, some were probably not pleased, but in the end, I got the opportunity to ride a bit.

I missed out on the BBQ last year because I had a paying gig, and was hoping not to miss this year’s BBQ too! Fortunately for me, not so much for everybody else, everything was running a little bit late and there was still food left for me to get! Yay!

Then sessions started back. I would have liked to see Syed Balkhi’s session on speeding up WordPress, but that was one of the morning ones. The slides from his session are on slideshare. The afternoon started with a full group presentation by Andrew Nacin with new stuff coming up in WordPress!

Then Jennifer West spoke about blogging for accountability and her use of her blog, www.thejenwestquest.com, to keep her on track with achieving her weight loss and fitness goals. Jennifer was posting pictures of herself in her bikini, and pictures of the scale to the blog. One of the things that scare me about posting pictures of myself online and posting too much in for about me is stalkers. I’ve had folks get too intense too fast before, and it really freaked me out. So posting pictures of me online here isn’t really something I do. But Jen hasn’t had a problem with folks being abusive to her about her pictures. And I’m really glad that she hasn’t because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I alternated between taking notes in a document and taking notes on twitter. I’m about to be a weasel and say goodnight. I’m about to fall over now, so I’ll catch up with you later!

Worked today and played a bit this evening

Hooray, I was able to get to work today! I was so glad to be feeling up to it, that it wasn’t even funny. Folks at work were glad to see me and glad I was feeling better! I really don’t like being sick. (obviously, most folks don’t, duh!) I was even able to get some work done. 🙂

Wordcamp starts tomorrow! The pre-camp dinner was this evening at The J. Clyde’s on Cobb Lane. I dragged DH out to it, and in spite of his ribs’ bothering him he was a good sport and was social. It was good to see folks from last year out this evening. I’m looking forward to the sessions tomorrow and Sunday.