Worked today and played a bit this evening

Hooray, I was able to get to work today! I was so glad to be feeling up to it, that it wasn’t even funny. Folks at work were glad to see me and glad I was feeling better! I really don’t like being sick. (obviously, most folks don’t, duh!) I was even able to get some work done. 🙂

Wordcamp starts tomorrow! The pre-camp dinner was this evening at The J. Clyde’s on Cobb Lane. I dragged DH out to it, and in spite of his ribs’ bothering him he was a good sport and was social. It was good to see folks from last year out this evening. I’m looking forward to the sessions tomorrow and Sunday.

I’m alive and half awake.

I’ve been really busy with my business these days. Sorry that I haven’t checked in in so long.

Then we had a minor flood at work at the day job 2 weeks ago. One of the automatic toilets wouldn’t stop filling after it flushed one Friday afternoon/evening. So we came in to the entire first floor of the building with a nice layer of water in the hallway and the offices. At least it was clean water and not sewage. We had boxes and paper that had to be trashed before we got sick from it growing mold. All the carpet in our offices has been ripped out. The glue holding the carpet down is still on the on the tile floor, but having the carpet out made a world of difference in the smell and mold. After all of that, we didn’t lose any electrical equipment to the water! I was amazed.

Long day, full of stuff

For a Sunday, it was pretty full. DH and I went to church, then came home. One of my fellow office workers turned 50 today, and so I went in to the office and helped to decorate the premises. I made some balloon flamingos. They turned out ok. We’re all going to wear black tomorrow, and make sure we’re in early enough to be there when the co-worker gets there. It should be fun.

Then after I got home, DH and I took the motorcycle that is finally back from the shop and drove over to Ruffner Mountain to take some pictures. We walked around the enclosures where the rescued birds live, then hit the nature trail. I have some nice pictures. I’m still figuring out some of the settings, so I have to wait to see how the pictures look when they are displayed on a screen that is larger than the one on the back of the camera. But I think I’ll have some really good pictures out of it. We didn’t a have a long time there at the reserve, but it was a good time for us.

My older younger brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated it this evening. We were supposed to meet at 6 at Surin in Crestline. DH and I were a bit detained. As were were walking out of the house, there was a commotion in the street. DH saw a van in the street taking off like a bat out of hell away from us, and there were a couple of guys there, one lying in the street, one hollering for help. DH had gone outside before me, and I was locking up the house, so all I saw was the guys in the street. The one who was mobile asked us to call for help, since his bud had just been hit with the van. DH called 911 and got help on the way. The one who had been hit was lying in the street, and not moving very much at all at first. Then he was asking about his surroundings and tried to get up a couple of times. we did our best to try to keep him from moving too much. It took about 10 or so minutes, but the fire and rescue folks showed up and started to get him checked out and on his way to the hospital. We were all glad that there was qualified emergency personnel there to take care of him. Then the police officer arrived and started to get some information on what happened. DH and I didn’t have much to add, but he got DH’s name and phone numbers. After all of that was taken care of and the guy was taken to the hospital, we left for dinner.

Dinner at Surin was good, and it was fun to eat with my brother and his girlfriend and my parents. But its been a yoyo day.

Work is being a pain.

I got the word yesterday. We’re going to be re-doing the salary schedules, since the state post-secondary board is revising the salary schedules. This is for the 2008 fiscal year. Which starts September 1, 2007. The state post-secondary board is making sure the raises that the legislature authorized are actually 7% across the board. In the past, the state post-secondary board played with the salary schedule numbers to make sure that the different grades and steps stayed basically in line and not too far apart. But that resulted in wonky numbers for some grades and steps that didn’t actually equal the percentage raises that the legislature had authorized. Oops. As I found out the year before last. So now the 12 salary schedules with 48 grades and 1248 steps that payroll entered last week are invalid.

I’m a cranky geekgirl tonight. This affects contracts and lots of stuff. Timing is everything. These salary schedules are published the beginning of June. Its a week into August, and three weeks from taking effect. The weather is affecting everyone’s brains. What brains they claim to have, at any rate.

Moar brainzzzzzz!

weekend is done

And I get to go back to work tomorrow. Hooray!

Let me just say, I’m really really glad that I work inside in an air conditioned office! It got up to 99 F on Saturday at the festival. I’m no longer as young as I used to be, and it was brutally hot. We had a cooler with a case of water at our booth. And we ended up placing a call to my mom for additional water. It was a good thing too. So nobody fell out from the heat with us. I also had some of the Propel singles that you add to the water to keep some of the minerals in your system. But I was feeling the heat by about 3:30 in the afternoon. Thank goodness the festival was only open until 4:00. We were torn down and on the road home by 4:30. It was a good thing, too, since there was thunder in the background and raindrops falling as we were pulling out of the festival grounds.

I’m still punked out from the heat. I continued to drink lots of water today. But with another night’s rest, I should be in pretty good shape.

More work ‘puter problems.

My office computer has been shutting down at random times for no reason. Its as if the office took a quick power hit and the computer shuts down and then re-starts. It is maddening. After doing it last Monday for the second time in a week, it is now sitting on a UPS that is designed for a server, not a single PC. snicker. I just wish the UPS was a bit quieter.

We think that either the computer’s power supply is faulty, or the wall plug is messed up. If When it dies again, we’ll have enough information about it to either replace the power supply or get the wall plug fixed or replaced. The UPS will beep loudly and obnoxiously if it is the wall power supply. The computer will lose power and restart itself if it is the power supply.

The biggest hitch in this scheme is the randomness of it losing power. Prior to losing power 2 weeks ago, it was a month before that it happened. And yes, I am paranoid about the machine after the hard drive died in February. I’ve been documenting the time and circumstances of it losing power since the second time it lost power on me. I may be not the brightest bulb around, but I do learn from circumstances.

The only thing worse than being sick

is being sick away from home.

I had a work conference at the beach from last Sunday through yesterday. The conference was held about 45 minuted from my sister’s house. DH and I planned on going to her house to visit her family, since the last time we saw them was at Christmas. When I called down to see if it was still ok, I found out that everybody down there had gotten sick. It was a nasty stomach bug, with all that entails. But they said that I should call back on Friday to see how they were doing.

When I called back, they were all wiped out, but hadn’t had a bad episode all day. DH and I decided that we would drive down on Saturday if they were better, otherwise we would head straight down for the conference on Sunday. Saturday morning they were better, and we beat the weather down to the gulf coast. It was nice to see my sister, her husband, niece and nephew. The kids were having a good time. We went out to dinner and came back and crashed.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast, then DH & I drove to my conference. It wasn’t too far, and we got there as things were starting up. I found my compatriots from work, and went to the opening sessions. The opening sessions weren’t anything great, but I still went. Dinner was included in the conference, so I went to it. I felt like I over ate, but wasn’t too uncomfortable. When I got back to the room, I found my local access numbers and got online to check my emails and the like. I tried to sleep that night, but it wasn’t restful, and my upset stomach was not helping.

Monday morning I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I had to. And unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately is the better term, I did. That’s when I had the first real inkling that I was sick. I thought it might have been a bad something from dinner the previous night. No such luck. I had caught the bug that my sister’s family had. I tried to go to the first session, before it was obvious, but I didn’t last through it all. Instead I stayed in bed the rest of the day Monday, wiped out, feverish, and nauseous. Tuesday I was feeling a little bit better, but still exhausted, feverish and hurting. But we had to check out and come home. Thank goodness it was just the fever and exhaustion rather than the other problems. I was really glad DH was along with me.  I didn’t want to be driving back to town myself.  If I had been there by myself, I probably would have driven to my sister’s and slept there until I work up rested enough to drive home.

Catching up with work

I’ve been busy catching up with my life this past week. I’ve been working on re-creating some of the programs and scripts that got wiped out at work. Several of the simpler things are done. But my mongo program is in its infant stages of re-creation. It is a beyatch and a half. I wrote it once. I can re-write it again. But I’m not really thrilled to have to re-do it. Not much fun, but its better than not having a job.

Have a computer drive again

Hooray, I can work at my own computer now! The drive finally arrived from Dell, and it is installed. The OS and most of the programs I need are set up, and working, more or less. The repair tech from Dell took my old drive, so no data recovery. 😦 Its all gone away. I’m not really happy, but I have a job, and am able to be back in my own office again, so I can’t complain too much.

Now onto recreating some of my bookmarks and such. I use Firefox as a browser, and there is a lovely extension that will back up your browsers, bookmarks, extensions and themes. I had it installed before, but the backups all were in the disk that fried. Once I get everything re-created, I’ll back it up and then put the backup file on the network drive. It’s pretty funny/sad to have to run around to folks and have them email me links to sites we use for work. I’m a little leary of using some of the online bookmarking sites for my work bookmarks. If you have some experience with the social bookmarking sites, I’d love to hear it.

Can you smell something burning?

Its my hard drive at work. Yesterday it crashed and burned. Its less than a year old. And there’s no backup for it. I lost about a year’s worth of programming. And its my fault for not moving those scripts to the network drive with the backups.


There’s problems with the file to send to the state of W2 information. The HR system that we have didn’t format the files like they should have. I had a good start on a fix, and its gone. It wasn’t a good day. It isn’t going to be a good week or next month.

I’m going to investigate some local data recovery options, but I’m not particularly hopeful. So I’m one stressed geekgirl tonight.

I’ve learned one very important lesson, though. I’ll be keeping all my code on the network drive from now on.