Catching up with work

I’ve been busy catching up with my life this past week. I’ve been working on re-creating some of the programs and scripts that got wiped out at work. Several of the simpler things are done. But my mongo program is in its infant stages of re-creation. It is a beyatch and a half. I wrote it once. I can re-write it again. But I’m not really thrilled to have to re-do it. Not much fun, but its better than not having a job.

Have a computer drive again

Hooray, I can work at my own computer now! The drive finally arrived from Dell, and it is installed. The OS and most of the programs I need are set up, and working, more or less. The repair tech from Dell took my old drive, so no data recovery. 😦 Its all gone away. I’m not really happy, but I have a job, and am able to be back in my own office again, so I can’t complain too much.

Now onto recreating some of my bookmarks and such. I use Firefox as a browser, and there is a lovely extension that will back up your browsers, bookmarks, extensions and themes. I had it installed before, but the backups all were in the disk that fried. Once I get everything re-created, I’ll back it up and then put the backup file on the network drive. It’s pretty funny/sad to have to run around to folks and have them email me links to sites we use for work. I’m a little leary of using some of the online bookmarking sites for my work bookmarks. If you have some experience with the social bookmarking sites, I’d love to hear it.

Can you smell something burning?

Its my hard drive at work. Yesterday it crashed and burned. Its less than a year old. And there’s no backup for it. I lost about a year’s worth of programming. And its my fault for not moving those scripts to the network drive with the backups.


There’s problems with the file to send to the state of W2 information. The HR system that we have didn’t format the files like they should have. I had a good start on a fix, and its gone. It wasn’t a good day. It isn’t going to be a good week or next month.

I’m going to investigate some local data recovery options, but I’m not particularly hopeful. So I’m one stressed geekgirl tonight.

I’ve learned one very important lesson, though. I’ll be keeping all my code on the network drive from now on.